Now carry an AC in your pocket – Cutie Humidifier

by July 1, 2015
cutie humidifier

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Even though we have bid our goodbyes to the very hot summer, we still have that occasional heat wave that makes us wish we were Eskimos. However, with innovation and a crowd funding platform named Indiegogo, a student of applicated informatics named Lubo Michalcak has come to the rescue with his little device named “Cutie”, a humidifier that is sure to help you keep your cool during the heat…

Cute humidifier

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Cutie is the baby of a creative group of people working for Lubo’s Smart Tech Studio. According to the makers, Cutie is the product of nearly 5 months of research, prototype testing and hard work… and that hard work has resulted in the world’s most portable and easy to use air humidifier. What sets Cutie apart from the other air humidifiers in the market is the fact that all it needs to start doing its work is a glass, bottle, or mug of water and USB power supply. No complicated equipment, machinery or anything else is required the next time you need some cool mist. The package will come with two cables- one standard USB and a micro USB chord.

The makers of Cutie are currently looking for backers on Indiegogo, the largest global fundraiser, and have set a goal of $30,000 USD to make sure that the little humidifier sees the light of day. According to Lubo, the prototype and the manufacturer are all ready. All they now need is the initial manufacturing cost. Provided the project is funded in time, Cutie will be delivered to its backers and lovers in time for Christmas this year.

portable humidifier

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After a few months of prototype testing, the designers finally came up with the working flower concept that can be seen in the accompanying picture. The device weighs only 45g and its compactness and portability can be seen in the fact that it can be carried around neatly in the pocket of the user too- your very own personal humidifier! Be it at home, the office, or even while travelling, a simple combination of a container of water with Cutie placed in it and a power supply is all you need to add fresh chill to the air. However, the users are advised to not add any fragrances to the water as it may damage the device.

flower shaped humidifier

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The cute little Cutie will be available in two colours- Blue Tulip and Pink Rose. As per the group, they will add more colour options once they reach their required monetary goal. The humidity output is less than or equal to 30ml/h and the power consumption is 2.2W. With less than 20dB of sound, this device assures the user of its quiet nature.

A beautiful design with amazing utility, it can be hoped that Cutie finds the backers that it requires and starts the journey of cooling the atmosphere of thousands of rooms soon…