Noteworthy features of the DuckDuckGo search engine

Noteworthy features of the DuckDuckGo search engine

Noteworthy features of the DuckDuckGo search engine

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DuckDuckGo_LogoIt is hard to imagine a world where information wasn’t readily available to us through search engines. However, the results you get from your search engine might differ from that of another user. Your results could vary based on the sites you have visited in the past, thereby restricting your access to information. While most search engines personalize their search results according to the user, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that is mainly focussed on maintaining privacy of the user by showing them the same search results for a particular term entered in the search.

DuckDuckGo may sound like an unusual name for a company but it has its origins from the game Duck, Duck, Goose which is famous among children in the United States where the company is located. On 21st May 2014, a more refined version of DuckDuckGo was launched with a cleaner look and enhanced features such as image search, auto-suggest and local search. You can now set DuckDuckGo as your default browser in iOS8 and OS X or use it in Chrome or Firefox by simply logging on to This new and advanced search engine has a lot of benefits over other traditionally used search engines.
search-engines-duck-duck-go2Searching Apps is Easier
When you search for apps on DuckDuckGo, you not only find the app you are looking for but you also get suggestions of similar apps. You can easily get the price and app description by clicking on any of the cards on the carousel. You may often come across links which go on and on but with DuckDuckGo, you can shorten a URL in minutes. Simply enter “shorten” followed by the line and you will get a shortened version. If you have a shortened link and you wish to find out the expanded version, you can enter “expand” followed by the link.

Finding a strong password can be exhausting, remembering a password is even more difficult. With DuckDuckGo you can search for strong passwords by simply typing in the search “Passsword20” in case you want a password of 20 characters. You can then choose your favourite and simply make few changes in the characters. If you need a password that is easy to remember, type in the search “Random passphrase.” DuckDuckGo gives you XKCD-style passwords which put together four words that are very easy to remember but which are not easy to guess.

Profile Search Made Easy
This search engine allows you to look for the profiles of people on social media without exiting the search page. Unlike other search engines where you need to open a link of a site to find results within the site, DuckDuckGo gives you a unique search function to get results on the very same page. If you need to search on LinkedIn for example, you can simply type !linkedin or type !a for Amazon or !g for Google.

Cool Features
Google lets you create a timer but DuckDuckGo not only lets you create a quick timer it also has a stopwatch. The search engine also has other easy to use features that allow you to easily change case or check the number of characters. Simply type title case or uppercase or lowercase before your sentence on DuckDuckGo and you will get your desired results. Not sure how many characters you have keyed into your search? Simply enter “chars” before or after the search and you will get the results. RhymeBrain is a fun feature in DuckDuckGo that gives you instant rhymes for any word you want.
Useful Add-ons

  • Loan Calculator: The Loan calculator is a useful tool in this search engine. The search query to be entered for this is “loan (amount) at (interest) with (percent) down for (duration).” The words in brackets are the details you need to fill in to calculate the interest you will need to pay.
  • Website- Down Checker: While browsing the net, you often find yourself in a situation where a particular site won’t open. If you want to check whether it is a fault with your computer or a common problem everyone else is facing, you can simply type in “Is (name of the site) down for me” in the search of DuckDuckGo and you will know where the problem lies.

DuckDuckGo is a useful tool for software developers at it provides several instant solutions such as converting binary to decimal, generating text in lorem ipsum, encoding URLs to machine readable text, providing html value for a special character and many other features.

Enjoy enhanced features and complete privacy with DuckDuckGo. If you are interested in DuckDuckGo’s features but don’t want to switch from your current search engine, you have the option of downloading the extension of DuckDuckGo on Firefox, Chrome or Safari. DuckDuckGo will then give you instant answers to your search query above the search results in any other search engine.

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