Nokia’s easy yet smart android launcher now available on Google play

Nokia’s easy yet smart android launcher now available on Google play

Nokia’s easy yet smart android launcher now available on Google play

by November 25, 2014

Z-launcherIf you’ve been eagerly waiting to have that amazing Nokia’s Z launcher home screen on your android devices, its right here! The phone maker has released the free beta version of Z launcher and has now made it officially available on Google Play. You can give it a successful shot by trying it on the spot in any of the regions. The newly launched Z launcher edition is expected to work on all the android phones with 4.1 and any of the later versions. However, Nokia is totally promising advanced support on Nexus 5 and all the other recent Galaxy smart phones.

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Easy functionality

You will find the functionality extremely easy and hassle free if you’ve used the early alpha and beta versions. It perfectly surfaces your most frequently used apps and your next calendar appointments along with important notes.

Z-launcher-UISmart Scribble

It also provides you a smart option of scribbling the name of an app or any contact whichever you’ve been looking for, rather than hunting it in the app corner. It is simple and easily accessible for the first time users as well. But you’ll find it too appealing if you prefer using only a couple of apps without being particular about widgets and other screen customizations and display advancements.

One of the biggest improvements in the Google Play version is still under hood as a surprise package. Both the launcher and scribbling effects are quick and faster and you can now operate the Nokia Z launcher on a rooted device. Also, if you’re a sort of a user who installs power tools like action launcher as soon as you get a new phone, you shall find the Z launcher a bit difficult to facilitate.

If you’re still not sure about the Z launcher usage in real life, you may just take a look at some of these other features. For eg; It lets you finger-type a couple of letters quickly and faster, click your desired app and then scroll through the screen smoothly. This is something users are definitely going to enjoy as these features are totally user friendly. The only difference would be that all the users might have various preferences. Hence we can’t just say that these features will be welcomed by all the users.

View Your Apps on single page

However, there have been a couple of other launchers available as well, apart from Nokia Z. Users have been trying out all the options according to their preferences. Nokia is coming up with new advancements and emerging with various group platforms for connecting smartly with the users. The Z launcher by Nokia is extremely hassle-free to use and operate. The launcher displays a list of apps on a single page with makes it easier to view. Apart from this, it also lets you guess and select your desired app and presents it before you while you type.

So, all of you who are eager to get the stunning Nokia Z launcher on your android phones, check out Google Play right now and download it!