by May 20, 2016

nokia comeback

If you were born in the 90s or before, then your first mobile phone was most likely a Nokia. In fact, most of us still have a Nokia phone somewhere in the house that we go back to when our current smartphone suddenly stops working. So durable is a Nokia phone that today internet memes suggest that if Voldemort had made a Nokia phone his horcrux, he’d still be alive!

nokia phones

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Always dependable, Nokia unfortunately lost its footing in the mobile phone market and was soon absorbed by Microsoft in 2013. The Finnish brand was overtaken by Motorola, BlackBerry, Samsung, and Apple in the years post its era, but as they say, nothing good ever dies! That’s why we will have Nokia back amongst us very soon! Read on for the details.

Microsoft is selling its feature phone business to a subsidiary of the Foxconn Technology Group, FIH Mobile Ltd., and HMD Global, Oy, based in Nokia’s homebase- Finland- for $350 million. The deal will be finalised later this year, so don’t expect the gadgets to roll out that soon! All those fans of the Windows platform, if you’re wondering what happens to your dose of Microsoft’s Lumia smartphone, then let us assure you that the multimillion company will be holding on to the rights to develop additional Lumia phones.

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So what exactly is in store for the average customer now? How will Nokia continue to “connect people”? Reports say that Nokia will now host the Green Robot a.k.a. Android on its new range of tablets and smartphones. Finally, Nokia will board the bandwagon that most brands of smartphone makers are ready riding in.

Let’s get to know a little more about the new Nokia, shall we? To be headed by Arto Nummela in the CEO’s seat, the world can be rest assured that the brand will produce something noteworthy under the reign of the man who managed major aspects of Microsoft’s mobile phone division.

One of the strategies of HMD includes pumping about $500 million into the international mobile and tablet marketing scene to help regain and re-establish the Nokia name and brand value.

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We don’t have much information on what exactly will the specs read on these new series of gadgets but knowing Nokia, it will be something to look forward to.

There, there… Don’t lose heart, there is still one Nokia that you can look forward to this year. Rumoured to be a 5.5″ touch screen phone with a display resolution of 1080 x 1920p, the Nokia C1 will run on Android Marshmallow. It will have a Snapdragon chipset that will breathe fire to help you multitask better and 2GB of RAM to enable seamless app switching. It is rumoured to incorporate a 13MP primary and a 5MP front camera to help keep your Snapchat stories going and your Facebook posts lively! There is no rumor as yet on the pricing of the C1 but we don’t expect it to come cheap.

So there, hope this keeps you satiated for a while!