‘Nokia Here’ map now available for all Android 4.1 and above devices

‘Nokia Here’ map now available for all Android 4.1 and above devices

‘Nokia Here’ map now available for all Android 4.1 and above devices

by December 21, 2014

Nokia-HEREIf you have been using Google Maps, you will find that there are some shortcomings that could have been improved. Taking cue of these shortcomings, Here map was launched some time ago. Here is a navigation software that is very similar to Google Maps, but with a huge difference. The biggest advantage of Here is that the maps are up-to-date and very accurate. You can view these maps even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

Even with offline navigation, you can get turn-by-turn voice directions—all the way to the desired direction. There are some interactive maps that can be saved and then viewed at a later time and date. On Here, there are interactive maps for over 100 countries, this is surely very remarkable. In addition to the regular maps, there are public transport maps for over 800 cities. If you are an architect, you will surely love the Here app, because you can get plans for indoor plans as well.

If you are driving down some busy street, you will not have a problem with traffic updates, because Here provides real-time traffic information. This application will work seamlessly on various devices including smartphones, desktops, tablets, laptops, and even in-car navigation.

nokia-here-maps2When you are arriving at a new place, you will first need a guide or a map. Using this, you would search your destination and also see the fastest way to reach the desired place. With the Here app, you will never get lost even if you are in the remotest areas of the world.

Before you install the Here app from Google Play, you will have to check if your device is compatible with Here. If you are going to use the Here app on devices such as laptops and smartphones, then you need to make sure that they have a minimum of 1GB RAM. Also, the screen sizes for such devices need to be big enough to see the fine print of the maps. When you log on to Google Play Store, you will find a plethora of map apps, but Here is surely one of the best apps that is available on Google Play Store.

To download and use Here, you will need a good internet connection. With the internet on, you can easily see the maps on your device. However, if you want to see the maps offline, then you will have to first download the maps first. If you have GPS in your phone, then you will surely find it very interesting because you will be seeing your location on the map real time. When you switch on your data feature, you will be consuming packets of data, which will be charged nominally. For online maps, you will need some cellular data allowance. If you want to conserve your cellular data allowance, then you can switch the app to offline. This can be done by ticking the box next to Use app offline.

With Here, you can also get perfect driving directions. For this, you will have to open the app and select Drive. Then, you will have to select your destination or alternatively, you can select the destination from the recent destination list. Alternatively, you can tap on the green dot to centre the map at your exact current position or location. Then, you can select Drive followed by the destination setting. Before you check out the Drive feature, you will have to see the country for which the option is available. You may not find Drive for every location in the world.

To stop navigation, you will have to tap on the Stop option at the bottom of the screen.