Nixie- A wearable drone camera that can fly off the wrist & take selfies

Nixie- A wearable drone camera that can fly off the wrist & take selfies

Nixie- A wearable drone camera that can fly off the wrist & take selfies

by February 27, 2015
Video Courtesy: (Youtube/fly nixie)

Tech geeks, behold! A next generation device is about to blow your mind away! The ones who’re all about being one step ahead in technology and those who are constantly craving to achieve an angle unimaginable by others, get ready for the next level selfie! If you don’t already know what we’re talking about then here’s a gist of a fantastic invention. A wearable camera that can fly! What else could you possible ask for?

Nixie, a small startup is developing this device wherein the camera comes with you everywhere, flies off with just a gesture, takes the perfect shot and comes right back to you.


“It’s basically like a boomerang,” says Nixie co-founder Christoph Kohstall, “but easier to throw.”

While the selfie lovers, photography freaks and tech geeks will revel, the ordinary bunch might think that this new invention a little over the top and so not necessary, and if you’re one of them, then you should definitely check out the colossal advantages this tinie tiny device has to offer.

While this invention in itself is a big deal, the makers aren’t stopping there. The device has multiple modes which include the boomerang mode while the others are still under development, it has new perspective so that you can pay attention to what you’re doing while the camera flies off and clicks or records it with 1080p so that those moments are High Definition ones. After all, we wouldn’t expect anything less from a Stanford researcher and Google alumni.

Keeping the technical aspects aside, a very keen observation has also been brought to the fore. While in a moment, the photographer hardly gets to be a part of it while the others are enjoying and being shot. But thanks to this wonderful device, it’ll help the photographer be a part of that moment too. According to Kohstall, “Most cameras give you the point of view you have yourself. We want to develop a camera that captures you in the moment.” Very thoughful of Kohstall indeed.


And while the product might seem heavy with a lot of complicated machinery and equipment, it is actually quite lightweight and comes with a lot of convenience.

Even though the product is in early stages of development, it managed to bag wearable contest at Silicon Valley tech giant Intel, got a slot in CES and also managed to absolutely mind boggle the tech junkies that were present. If the device has managed to go this far in its early development stage, we can only image what the end product will be like and we’ve no doubt about the fact that it will definitely take the market by the storm.

All in all, the entire package gets a huge thumbs up for being able to come up with a device that’ll make your reminiscent moments perfect and capture the shots you always wished to be a part of! That’s what we love the most about this product, the sentimental value brought out through a mechanical device. Absolutely priceless!