Night Photography Ideas – Tips to Capture the Beauty of Darkness

Night Photography Ideas – Tips to Capture the Beauty of Darkness

Night Photography Ideas – Tips to Capture the Beauty of Darkness

by November 17, 2014

nightphotography33Photography in itself is an amazing art that inspires many of us to capture the moment as we see it. I’d say a photograph is a vision that manifests to a picturesque form. Talking about being picturesque, isn’t the night time — that glitters with an amazing aura of natural and artificial light – amazing and capturable? You bet it is!!! Read further to get some amazing ideas for night photography.

Only purchasing a digital SLR camera for night photography to avoid blur or shaky images is not enough as it is not as easy as setting a camera to automatic and shooting the image. It is one of the most challenging subjects for photographers. Here, we have listed down some amazing night photography ideas. So, if you are struggling for getting some best ideas or tips for night photography, this blog would help you a lot.


Choosing the Right Camera: No, doubt, Digital cameras with various unique features have brought a new era of night photography. Tripod is the most preferred choice in night photography as it allows you a long exposure. Use the lowest ISO, a cable release or a remote control and a wider-aperture prime lens with an infinity focusing mode for long exposure with lowest noise. Ideally, a camera should have features like intervalometer for creating time-lapse, flashlight for light painting, motion control system, photoshop or lightroom for burning, dodging, frame stacking and noise removal, etc., and headlamp with a red LED.

Setting your Camera: Truly speaking, there is no a ready- made recipe for camera settings for night photography as it is really based on the sort of image that you want to create — the landscape and astronomical features that you desire to bring together. The following points help you with the setting your camera:

  • Firstly, turn your camera on manual mode for getting the full control of the settings.
  • Use spot metering for an accurate reading in both light and dark situations and center weighted or evaluative metering in more darkness.

The low light conditions require a wide aperture, slow shutter speed and highest ISO settings.

  • For capturing pictures in extremely dark places, raise ISO and shutter speed while lowering aperture.

Gateway-of-India-4Think twice for getting the absolute idea what exactly you want to shoot and then set your camera accordingly. After a bit of experiments, go with the settings that perfectly work for you.

Finding the Right Location: You have to get away from artificial lights to find out the unique elements of the landscape in the combination with stars and other extraterrestrial objects so that you would be able to capture the real beauty of nature that plays around.

Creative Ideas: Night photography especially in urban places can give you an endless subject matter through which you can produce cool effects which can not be achieved during daytime. Some are as follows:

  • Light trails: Taking the picture of light trails is really an interesting and pleasurable idea as if you have a full control; you can do whatever you want.
  • Reflections in Darkness: It is very hard to get reflections during the day as they are dependent on the light in a sight. It really adds an additional element of wow factors to your image. The buildings with glass facades or fountains and ornamental bodies of water are few examples that you can incorporate into your composition. Use as much color as you can because after merging in reflections of water it will create a contrast between smooth and sharp that makes your reflections extra impressive.
  • Sky Photos: The sky photos offer you a variety of effects and scenes that you can capture including the moon, the movement of clouds or the movement of the stars across the sky. Moon is one of the consistent light sources that can produce various interesting and beautiful effects. Capturing the movement means shooting longer exposures. And the noise around the surroundings will make it further difficult. But, you can achieve this with a tripod mounted camera that reduces the noise and exposure as well.
  • The Blue Hour Site: The Blue Hour is the period that occurs just after the sun drops below the horizon and the sky becomes deep and rich blue. Shooting can be done with a tungsten white balance setting.


With these creative ideas, add a stunning set of images in your album and impress everyone around. It’s a slightly harder skill to become perfect in night photography as the long shutter speed is the key to taking pictures of shaky images. But a little patience can help you to sharpen up your skill. So, be patient and let this photography would become the second nature to you. If you have some cool ideas you’re always welcome to share them with us.