New Trusted Voice Smartlock and Contact Nicknames for Android rolled out

New Trusted Voice Smartlock and Contact Nicknames for Android rolled out

New Trusted Voice Smartlock and Contact Nicknames for Android rolled out

by April 14, 2015

Google has rolled out many smart lock features for their Android users in the past. Trusted Face, Trusted Devices, Trusted Places and On-Body Detection are the features used to unlock android devices under the smart lock features. A brand new entry in this section is the new Trusted Voice. Just like the name suggests, this feature will unlock the user’s Android device when the owner utters ‘Ok Google’.


The feature has been slowly rolled out to Android devices running on Lollipop 5.1 as a part of the newest update to Google Play Services 7.0. However, it hasn’t reached all devices yet. Google gives a warning which advices the users that Trusted Voice Unlocking is not as secure as the other unlocking features since a similar voice or even a recording might do the trick.

The On-Body Detection feature which was introduced before Trusted Voice helps keep your Android device unlocked till the time it is near the owner’s body or in close proximity to it, but once the phone is kept away, it gets locked. However, the Trusted Voice will help keep the phone unlocked with just the owner’s voice.

Prior to this new feature being rolled out, ‘Ok Google’ could be used only when the device was unlocked, but now it can be used on locked or sleeping devices as well, thanks to the brand new update.

While that’s not all, there’s another update rolling out for the Google Search, that is, Google App for Android which adds a ‘Nicknames’ feature in your Accounts & Privacy section. This brand new update will let users add Nicknames to their contacts within the device. Android device owners can just go to Google settings, tap on Search & Now to check if the Nickname update has been added to their device.


The ‘Trusted Voice’ Smart Lock update rollout is based on individual user accounts while the updated Google App with Nicknames feature is rolling out via Google Play. Many are eagerly waiting for the Trusted Voice, while some are already using it which is a great addition to the smart lock features family in spite of a few of its shortcomings.

And at the rate that Google’s going right now with their innovative new updates for Android, they will definitely come up with an even better and smarter update in no time at all.