MWC 2016 Day 2: A Sneak–Peek Into The Future Tech

MWC 2016 Day 2:  A Sneak–Peek Into The Future Tech

MWC 2016 Day 2: A Sneak–Peek Into The Future Tech

by February 25, 2016
MWC 2016 Day 2

The MWC 2016 has already given ample evidence to the global consumers and tech experts on why the event is one of the most anticipated and the most popular tech events in the world. Day 0 and Day 1 has already seen a slew of new launches and has given the world a sneak-peek into the revolutionary devices that is set to see the daylight soon. If you have missed catching up the events on Day 2 of the MWC 2016, don’t worry, we have got your base covered. We bring you the round-up of the happenings on day 2:

Oppo Shakes up phone camera

oppo shakes up phone camera

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Oppo is on a mission to get rid of one of the most underlying problems of using a mobile camera, which is the camera shakes. It is a known fact that even the most awesome landscape looks bad due to camera shake. The brand hopes to change the face of the mobile photography forever by introducing a new Smart Sensor, a revolutionary piece of technology that shifts the image stabilization from the camera lens to the sensor itself.

The brand clearly showed the difference in picture qualities with the photos clicked with the normal phone and with the LG G4 that is fitted with this prototype. The best feature of this amazing technology is that it makes the phone more energy efficient, lets you click faster apart from giving you stunning quality pictures. During the prototype demonstration, a key Oppo official said that if all goes well, the brand will put the smart sensor on sale before the end of 2016. This sure is going to be one the most anticipated technologies this year.

Avegant Glyph

avegant glyph

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In the past two days, the visitors at the MWC event have already seen the advent of a lot of new wearable devices but the Avegant Glyph is the coolest of them all, hands-down. The device, which looks pretty similar to a virtual reality headset, is actually more like a gigantic TV screen that projects the picture directly into your eyes. The device has a standard display for two million mirrors that sends light through the adjustable lenses.

This revolutionary headset is all set to give the best multimedia experience to the consumers; it makes the movies and games come to life. Although, the Glyph made its first appearance in public on Kickstarter, the makers of the device announced that the device will hit the stores, in the next few weeks. Well, including this amazing glyph there are 5 Futuristic gadgets you didn’t know exist already.

Xperia Projector

xperia projector

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Sony had a very lackluster appearance at the CES but it is more than made up for it by unveiling a slew of new concept devices on the day two of the MWC 2016 that left the audience at the event gasping in awe of the futuristic devices. Amongst the new launches, the one that attracted attention the most was the new interactive Xperia Projector.

xperia projector mwc

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This tiny little box perfectly epitomizes the phrase, ‘Big things come in small packet.‘ This self-contained device allows the users to pretty much turn every surface into a virtual tablet. Sony maintained a tight-lip in revealing the features of the device but it surely was one of the announcements that got the consumers excited the most. There is no official word yet on when the device will hit the shelves.

LG BB-8 Rolling Bot

lg bb 8 rolling bot

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LG has already grabbed the headlines all over the world for announcing its new flagship phone, LG G5 at the MWC 2016, but on the day two, the brand again managed to woo the audiences’ attention with the unveiling of a fancy accessory, the LG Rolling Bot. This spherical ball, which looks similar to the headless BB-8 from Star Wars, is specially designed to let the users roam around the home while they are out on a vacation. The boll literally rolls around the ground and lets you keep a tab on the things inside your home. It can also be used a fun device to drive the pets crazy while the users are away. Although, there is no official word on the price of this bot, LG all set to roll his bot later this year.

Panasonic Toughpad Scanners

panasonic toughpad scanners

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Panasonic’s rugged Tough Pad line grew a little big on the day 2 of the MWC as the brand announced two new barcode scanners to the toughpad device. While one of scanners runs on Android the other is powered by Windows-10. Both the scanners target the outdoor enterprise set and is all set to make scanning easy than ever before. One of the highlights of the scanners is the ergonomic design that not only helps in easy scanning but also prevents carpel tunnel issues.

Watch this space for the next day event updates!

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