Moto X the ‘Force’ to Reckon With

by February 4, 2016
Moto x force

After having tasted much success in 2015, Motorola is back in 2016 with yet another Flagship smartphone. In the race for supremacy, it is no surprise that Motorola has pulled out the big guns to race to the top of the ladder, the new smartphone from Motorola house, which is known as ‘Moto X Force’ comes with a groundbreaking feature. It is the only phone till date that has a shatter-proof screen (we are not kidding!) the phone has a screen that doesn’t break. Isn’t that sound exciting already, but hang on a minute, read on to find out the specs, feature and more…

moto x force features

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The Moto X Force is not the kind of phone that you would want to call ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’. The front side of the device looks quite utilitarian and rugged. The back of the phone has a trapezoid cross section and the back cover comes with default black nylon. The phone dimension is not appealing either consider how the modern day phone makers are obsessed with making thin phones. The Moto X Force is about 9.22 mm thick which is more than 2 mm thicker than Nexus 6P and iPhone 6S Plus. But, given the thickness, it is quite lightweight than its compatriots; it weighs just about 169 gm.

moto x force price

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With Moto X Force, Motorola has ‘display’ed its technological prowess. The phone features a standard 5.4 inches QHD screen with a display density of 540 pixels per inch, which makes it one of the crispest smartphones in the market. The phones needle sharp output has just the right balance of black and white that accentuates the display output. Its high-quality display is literally no different from the display quality of high-end devices like Apple iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.


No matter, how good and attractive phone looks, it is the hardware that makes all the difference in providing the best user experience. The Moto X Force comes loaded with top of the line specs, which is a Motorola signature. The phone boasts of one of the faster processors, the Qualcomm 810 processor. This is aptly backed by 3GB RAM. The powerful hardware lets you breeze through almost everything be it the most graphically advanced game or loading a big multi-media file. The phone lets you complete even the most demanding tasks with supreme ease.

moto x force specs

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With a powerful 3760 mAh fitted inside, the Moto X Force deserves to be called the ‘marathon’ phone. Yes, several tech geeks and reviewers have testified that the phone lasts for nearly 48 hours with mixed usage. The battery has the capacity to last for two days with about two hours of browsing, 90 minutes of listening to music and hundreds of emails and push notifications.


The 21 MP camera is quite pretty to the camera of Moto X Style in terms of producing high-quality images with excellent colour and details even in low light conditions.

moto x force camera

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The optical image stabilisation and the LED flash features accentuate the image quality. Adding jazz to the phone’s camera feature is the 5 MP front camera that lets you click those adorable selfies and cherish the moments.


The Moto X Force runs on Android 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box (this is quite disappointing if you ask me considering how Motorola is known for offering only the best and latest features). Motorola has added a few new apps, including the Moto app that supports gestures such as quick twist to launch on the camera and karate chop to turn on the torch. The brand has also expanded the voice control system that allows easy access to functions.


The Moto X Force comes in two variants, the 32 GB variant comes with a price tag of Rs. 49, 999 and the 64 GB variant is priced at Rs. 53,999.

Final Verdict

It is no doubt that the phone is a warrior phone, it is solid, consistently lasts for more than 30 hours, has a decent camera and has wireless charging ability. All these features leads to only one conclusion, it is one heck of a phone that is sure to give a tough run to its competitors and gives the users the utmost gratifying user experience.