Book Nerds, have you penned down these books in your 2016 TBR list?

Book Nerds, have you penned down these books in your 2016 TBR list?

Book Nerds, have you penned down these books in your 2016 TBR list?

by January 29, 2016

most awaited books 2016

Time just flies! January is ceasing. Talking about the New Year Resolution, I know that gym membership has gone on a holiday, you couldn’t resist those piping hot pakodas and your diet plan is already stuffed inside that drawer to gather dust for ages. I know you tried your best the first few weeks and then tai tai phiss! Well, my dear Book Nerds, it is better to stick to our book-related resolutions. You see…They are easy to follow. You’d prefer to die rather than miss your resolution of reading, say, 7 books a week! I know you have already penned down your TBR list, but have you included these books in your list? If not, then do it right away, or else repent later! Here is the list of the most awaited books of 2016:

1. The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel | 2nd February 2016

Martel, after winning the hearts of millions of readers with his Life of Pi that won the Man Booker Prize in 2002, has geared up to surprise his fans with The High Mountains of Portugal. What makes Martel out of the ordinary is his style – you are moseying around while the protagonist is reciting the story and BAM! There is a moment of intense loveliness! So, a word of caution here is, when you least expect it, Martel will get to you!

This book narrates a story that dates back to 1904 about Tomas, a young man who discovers an old journal which hints at the existence of an extraordinary work of art, that if found could redefine history. He sets out in search of this eccentric treasure, travelling in one of the earliest vehicles in the Europe.

Other than a quest, it is a ghost story, a contemporary fable and a poignant exploration of great loss and great love.

2. The Winds of Winter by George R R Martin |April 2016

Whoa! Do you have those goose bumps already? I understand, it has been too long a wait – almost 5 years! Martin breaks the record of J. K. Rowling, who kept her Harry Potter fans waiting for 3 years for every book.

I must say, this old man knows the art of mesmerizing his readers with his magically woven words that take you right into the minds of his characters, making it difficult to decipher what is good or bad? Probably this is what drives his fans crazy!

This sixth Game of Thrones book is all set to make things go from bad to worse. The war with Others is about to begin. Martin believes that The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring (7th book) will be as long as 1500 pages! The sixth book is said to have additional plot lines and much more political intrigue than the HBO’s Game of Thrones series. Well, you can expect a return of, perhaps false, Aegon Targaryen!

Martin has promised his fans that he will come up with the book before the 6th Game of Thrones premier. So probably you can expect it in the month of April. Let us hope he keeps his promise. Till then you can read and gratify your thirst with few chapters that are released and keep your fingers crossed!

3. Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard |9th February 2016

glass sword by victoria aveyard

After winning hearts of readers and becoming #1 New York Times bestseller of the debut novel Red Queen trilogy, Victoria Aveyard has decided to mesmerize her readers again with the sequel Glass Sword. Her comparatively sleek writing promises you to easily slip into her compelling new world of fantasy.

Her world is divided into two types of blood – red and silver. Red blood is the common folk, whereas silver blood possesses God-like super powers, which makes them dominating over the Red blood. Despite her red blood, Mare Barrow (the protagonist), discovers her deadly silver ability to control lightning, threatening to destroy the balance of power. She escapes from Maven, the prince who betrayed her, to realize she is not one of her kind. She finds herself on a noxious path that demands her to be exactly the monster she is trying to beat. This electrifying sequel escalates the struggle between the blood-segregated world and the rebellion army.

4. End of watch by Stephen King | 7th June 2016

end of watch by stephen king

King enjoys the legacy of being a bestselling horror and psychological fiction writer whose dynamic three-dimensional characters, themes embellished with metaphors and symbols are known to captivate his readers.

Now, following Mr. Mercedes and Find Keepers, King is all set to bring his third volume of the trilogy, End of Watch that focuses on Detective Bill Hodges.

The flap of this electrifying book reads, “In room 217 of the lakes region traumatic brain injury clinic, something has awakened. Something evil.” Well, that’s enough to get all King fans inquisitive. To add more, while accepting the best novel award for Mr. Mercedes, King had announced that the sequel will find the story’s antagonist, Brady Hartsfield, will return.

Excited already? And why not! Keep this excitement alive. After all, someone has rightly said, “The key to happiness is excitement about the future.”