Is your Android infected by Humming Bad?

Is your Android infected by Humming Bad?

Is your Android infected by Humming Bad?

by July 8, 2016

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If you think your Android device is safe from virus and malware attacks, you are far away from reality. A Malware named ‘Humming bad’ was recently found to have infected over 10 million devices across the world, including 13 lakh handsets in India alone. However, China seemed to be most affected, with over 1.6 million devices attacked.

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Where Did Humming bad come from?

According to security specialist Check Point, the malware was developed by a Chinese mobile ad company. HummingBad is known to attack the root directory of the device with an intention to install malicious apps.

The apps first collect all your personal information and intelligently make it appear that you have clicked on an ad when you haven’t in reality. As a result, a good amount of fraudulent ad revenue is generated in this process.

Who Are The Most Infected?

It was observed that HummingBad mostly infected devices that were running on older versions of Android. Approximately 40 percent of the infected devices were running on Android JellyBean, and around 50 percent were loaded with KitKat. However, this doesn’t mean you are safe if you have the latest Android version installed on your device.

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Google has been keeping a tab on the spread of such malware applications and is always working towards finding the best of solutions. According to a Google spokesperson, all necessary measures are being taken to active block the installation of such infected apps on the Android devices.

How Do You Know If Your Device Is Infected?

Numerous cyber security companies have built apps that can rightly detect the presence of such malware applications on your device. Some of the most popular anti-malware tools are Avast and AVG. A good research online can help you find a few more efficient ones. In case you witness unnecessary ad popups on your phone, there are chances HummingBad may have infected your device.

How Do You Get Rid of HummingBad?

Check Point claims that the only way to completely wipe off HummingBad from your device is by resetting your handset. Now, this can be quite disappointing especially when you have an enormous amount of data stored on your device. But, it’s a better option than letting your personal information fall into wrong hands.

It would be wise to always backup your phone data and save it on another device, probably your computer. Keep in mind that once you factory reset your device, you will lose not just the stored files but also your contacts and the stored passwords.

Stay Safe

No doubt, many believe that Android is one of the most secure operating systems, capable of preventing virus and malware attacks. While that’s true to a great extent, it is also worth noting that companies developing such malware tools are always on a lookout for a possible loophole, and once they find it, your device is at risk.

Therefore, it is recommended that you keep a good security app installed on your device so that you are prompted each time the device senses a suspicious activity.