Microsoft’s Snipp3t now available for the iOS

by October 9, 2014


Have a favorite celebrity you can’t seem to get enough off? Now you can keep a watch on their every action through Microsoft’s new app. Microsoft shocked iPhone users when it recently introduced Snipp3t, pronounced as Snippet, for the iOS. This app allows fans to track and follow their favorite celebrities using their phones. With newspapers and magazines all dedicated to celebrity gossip, it is about time we have an app dedicated for the same. Now all the information you ever wanted about a celebrity is at your fingertips.

  • The interface is much like a social network for celebrities, where they each have a dedicated page filled with their pictures and updates. You can comment about their photos and even like it the same way you would do on Facebook. When you use your Facebook account to sign-in, you will be able to find out which celebrities your friends are tracking and you can easily subscribe to those celebrities as well. If you are not interested in tracking your friend’s interest, you can simply download the app to track your own personal favorites. You can constantly get notifications about your selected celebrity through the app when you subscribe to their updates. The app gives you exclusive access to your selected celebrity’s tweets, their images from around the web, their latest videos, press releases and news articles as well. Downloading it gives you access to the complete profiles of over 100,000 celebrities from around the globe. Get all the juicy details about the biggest names in the industry. You will be the first to watch a new music video released by a singer you like, isn’t that a good reason to download the app?
  • The introduction of the new app by Microsoft came as a shock to many users as that’s not something you would expect from an operating system that focuses more on productive apps rather than entertainment. Many Microsoft users have embraced the app as it is a change from regular apps like Outlook, Office and OneNote. Snipp3t has no real purpose besides providing entertainment. Microsoft most likely came up with the idea for the app with the intention of expanding Bing’s search service beyond the typical web browser. As more mobile users, use apps rather than the web browser, it was necessary for Microsoft to come up with a way to showcase already existing information in an app format. No one has the time to browse the web for news on their favorite celebrities the whole day long but when it comes in such a readily available format, there seems no harm in simply downloading the app. So Snipp3t is nothing more than information that is already available on Bing, just that it is brought to you in an attractive new package.
  • The app is available on iOS 7.0 and is available for download at the App Store. The new 1.4 version allows you to see the hottest celebrity gossips according to popularity. Here you can also get ranked in celebrities top fan list by liking their news and proving you are a worthy fan. The newer version also enables more sharing functions like e-mail, text message and Twitter. While Snipp3t is currently available only on iPhone, it might soon be available on other platforms. Go ahead and download the app for the latest celebrity news.