Microsoft Opens World of New ‘Windows’ 10 for its Global Customers

Microsoft Opens World of New ‘Windows’ 10 for its Global Customers

Microsoft Opens World of New ‘Windows’ 10 for its Global Customers

by July 31, 2015

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Windows OS has been around since the invention of computers. But, since then, just as the computer technology has evolved, Windows too have evolved and come a long way. The launch of the Windows 8 a couple of years ago, took the popularity of Windows OS to great height and it provided the users the most awesome user-experience they ever had. But, knowing Microsoft and its penchant for constant innovation, the company aims to provide an even better OS platform, with the launch of Windows 10.

Ever Since Microsoft announced that it was working on a new OS, the Windows 10, it was one of the most anticipated releases. All the leaks and rumors only added to the drama. The long wait, finally came to an end as Windows officially released the new iteration of Windows OS on the midnight of July 29th 2015. While the new OS is out, it would not be available to all as yet. Microsoft announced that it would be rolling out Windows 10 slowly in waves. The main purpose is to see how the new OS performs and gauge the user response, they want to play it safe ensuring that there are no drawbacks before rolling it out to the millions of users across the globe. There have been rumors that Microsoft may release an update of OS 10 and that the people who have already downloaded it will also be able to get the update.

Without any further ado, let’s take a sneak-peak into what Windows 10 holds in store for its users, here are its awesome features:

Familiar and Fast

windows 10 taskbar


If you have been a Windows 8 user, you would be already quite familiar with the tiles menu, task bar and the desktop. Windows 10 retains the same tiles menu but the overall design is more vibrant and pleasing to the eye. The new Windows OS is carefully designed so that it is compatible with the hardware and software that you already own. With OneDrive online storage feature integrated with the new OS you can easily store and share your important files easily.

Most secured Windows ever

To protect users from cyber threats, Windows 10 comes with a smart screen and windows defender that keeps virus, phishing and malwares at bay. The Window Hello is another excellent feature that greets users with their name and provides a secured password to log in.

Makes interaction more personal

windows 10 voice gesture commands


With the vision to make interaction with their Windows 10 device more personal and exciting for the users, the UI is designed in a way that it allows users to interact through voice and gestures commands. The New Office apps on Windows 10 for mobile users are specially built to give users a flawless experience while running these app on the go. The pre-installed OneNote app helps users with all their digital note taking needs.


windows 10 cortana


Touted to be the smartest digital assistants, Cortana will make it easy for users to get the right information they are looking for easily like never before.

Flawless multi-tasking experience

Keeping in perspective the needs and trend of the modern day mobile users, Microsoft has integrated everything the user would want to multitask easily. The split screen features would allow users to run different applications simultaneously and switch between apps without any hassles. The snap and task view modes, helps users to stay organized and get their work done faster. The ‘Continuum’ feature optimizes the apps on the touch and desktop modes.