Microsoft adds new features to Skype for Business

Microsoft adds new features to Skype for Business

Microsoft adds new features to Skype for Business

by April 4, 2017
Skype for Business Upgrade

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Microsoft’s Skype for Business has been a convenient platform for businesses to partake in video conferencing and virtual meetings and manage their conference calls with relative ease. Microsoft is now aiming to involve more and more companies to use Skype for Business since it has added a bunch of new features to its video conferencing software. Bundled with Microsoft Office 365, Skype for business has been steadily replacing landline conferencing systems in many companies. Microsoft had acquired Skype six years ago and dabbled in business calling systems with Lync, their new conferencing service. Later, Lync was rebranded as Skype for Business in order to bring both of their calling services under the Skype brand. Let’s take a look at the new features of Skype for Business.

Added Features:

  • Auto Attendant

  • Call Queues

  • Call Analytics

  • Polycom RealConnect for Office 365

  • Crestron SR for Skype Room Systems Integration

  • Enghouse Interactive TouchPoint Attendant

Let’s take a look at what each added feature entails:

Auto Attendant:

Auto attendant is a new feature in Skype for Business that uses dial inputs and speech recognition to route incoming calls.

Call Queues:

Call queues is a new feature that enables incoming calls to be routed to the next available attendant.

Call Analytics Dashboard:

Microsoft Skype Call Analytics Dashboard

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A new dashboard for call analysis provides data to IT professionals to identify and correct any issues related to calls or conferences.

Polycom RealConnect for Office 365:

Microsoft Skype Polycom

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Partners like Polycom Realconnect for Office 365 enable existing conferencing devices to connect to Skype for Business with relative ease.

Crestron SR for Skype Room Systems Integration:

From now on there will be seamless integration between Skype for business and other AV systems like Crestron SR

Enghouse Interactive TouchPoint Attendant:

Also available from now on will be Skype’s first attendant console – Enghouse Interactive TouchPoint Attendant.

Microsoft Skype Upgrade

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These features would definitely help Skype for Business extend their user base, even if most of these features are already available in many other business-calling services. With Skype for Business, Microsoft would be entering a market already full of competitors. Google Hangouts is quite popular and there is word that it is also about to undergo an overhaul and aim for businesses. Another new entry is Amazon’s Chime service which would also pose a good challenge to Skype for Business.