by April 21, 2015
Micromax spark

Micromax was solely responsible for putting affordable but competent Android smartphones into the hands of low and mid-level consumers in India. There was a brief period when Micromax was the top smartphone seller in the country, edging ahead of Samsung ever so slightly. Their Canvas series was hugely popular and well known for its economic pricing in exchange for some pretty decent specifications.

After the Canvas Juice 2 last month, Micromax had been unnaturally quiet and this could only mean a new device was just around the corner. Micromax has finally started teasing us via social networking sites about its latest budget smartphone that retains the ‘Canvas’ moniker. It’s called the Micromax Canvas Spark. Although all details are yet to be officially announced by Micromax, some unconfirmed leaks are out and we shall be sharing them with our readers.

Micromax canvas spark

The Canvas Spark is slated to be released in the last week of April and it will be sold via a flash sale exclusively on Snapdeal.com. The device, which shall be powered by the latest Android Lollipop, will be aiming to compete with budget smartphones like the Redmi 2 and the 2nd generation Moto E. It will be priced at approximately Rs. 6000/- or less. Let’s have a look at some of the features that we were able to find out. Please note that these specifications are subject to change after the official announcement from Micromax.

Key Specs: (Tentative)

  • Quadcore MediaTek MT6582 processor
  • 4.7 inch touch screen
  • Android Lollipop OS
  • Dual Sim Support
  • MicroSD Card support
Micromax canvas spark android lollipop

We are waiting for the official announcement from Micromax for the Canvas Spark, which is expected in the coming week. Though we are not expecting any surprises regarding the specifications, this being a budget smartphone. Even then it would be interesting to note the exact price and the release date. A flash sale means that the exact time and date of availability would be of importance to get a hold of this device which is all set to be sold out like hot cakes. We all remember the ruckus created by Xiaomi in their flash sale which was done with in a couple of seconds. If the phone is sufficiently loaded with a good amount of RAM and internal storage, it could very well revive the Canvas brand that is slowly fading out.

After Micromax re-defined the budget phone, other players have jumped on the low-cost-high-performance bandwagon. The likes of Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi and others have provided stiff competition to Micromax and it will be difficult for the Canvas brand to regain its popularity. Though this new device promises a lot, it will have to do some serious work to help Micromax get back on its feet. We, for one, have high hopes for this device and would very much like the Canvas line-up to provide us with budget smartphones for as long as it can. Though it is somewhat satisfying to use a premium phone that burns a hole in your pocket, it is a different feeling altogether to get a fully capable smartphone at a much lesser price.