Micromax ‘Bolt’s Out Two New ‘Supreme’ Smartphones

Micromax ‘Bolt’s Out Two New ‘Supreme’ Smartphones

Micromax ‘Bolt’s Out Two New ‘Supreme’ Smartphones

by May 24, 2016

Micromax bolt supreme smartphone

Image source: newst8.com

Work is Worship’ is the common work mantra that most successful brands in the world thrive on. But, here is our very own Indian technology giant that is not just riding on the mantra but also has taken it to a new height altogether. How you may ask? Well, it was only last week that the tech giant launched the Canvas Evok and most (or shall we be bold and say all) tech giants would have taken a sabbatical and basked in the glory of their new launch. But, Micromax is no ordinary brand; the tech giant went ahead and launched two more new entry-level smartphones vis-à-vis, the Bolt Supreme and the Supreme 2.

The two new arrivals in the ‘Bolt’ series come with an extremely affordable price tag. While the Bolt Supreme comes with a price tag of Rs. 2,749, its big brother comes with a slightly higher price of Rs. 2,999. Micromax officials at the launch event stated that both the phones are especially aimed at encouraging the affordable buyers, to get their first smartphone and that both the models will soon hit the market stores across the country (speculations are rife that it would hit the shelves by the first week of June). If you have been waiting to buy a new phone, well, your wait is sure to bear sweet fruits as you can grab the Bolt Supreme or the Bolt Supreme 2 and be rest assured that you get the most functional smartphone at an affordable price. Well, in that case, why not look at some of its features:

Micromax Bolt Supreme

micromax bolt supreme

This new pocket-friendly phone features a 3.5-inch screen that is just perfect for all basic usage including sending texts, chatting, browsing, and watching videos. Not to mention, the handy size makes it easy to carry in your pockets as well as it snuggly fits in your palms. In terms of hardware, the Bolt Supreme is powered by the powerful 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and is aptly supported by 512 MB RAM. You may feel that is not powerful enough as compared to the modern day smartphone standards, but when you use it you would know it is second to none in terms of running multiple applications in a fluid manner.

bolt supreme

For all your storage needs, the phone boasts of a 4 GB internal memory and a slot for external MicroSD card for additional storage. To keep your phone running for a long time, the makers of this phone have packed it with a 1,200 mAh battery. In a nutshell, the Bolt Supreme offers you everything you can expect from an entry-level device.

Micromax Bolt Supreme 2

The elder cousin of the Micromax Bolt Supreme has a bigger 3.9-inch screen and it is packed with 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 512 MB RAM. Just like the Bolt Supreme, this model too offers 4GB internal storage but has a more powerful 1,400 mAh battery.

bolt supreme 2

Image source: fonearena.com

Both the models have a 2-MP rear camera with flash and a VGA front camera and run on Android Lollipop. One major difference though between both the models is that with Bolt Supreme you get an option to choose between Grey and Black colors, whereas, the Bolt Supreme 2 you have to choose the Grey color only.