Mi Wi-Fi Nano – The Palm Sized Inexpensive Router

by August 16, 2015
mi wifi nano

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Xiaomi is one of the biggest names in the Smartphone market today, with its wide range of affordable phones it has become a force to reckon with. In terms of hardware, software and other functionality features, Xiaomi smartphones are second to none. After, almost taking the Smartphone market by its throat and sitting pretty at the top of the pyramid amongst the leading smartphone brands worldwide, Xiaomi has ventured out to make other gadgets; with the recent launch of a palm sized Mi Wi-Fi Nano router, the brand that has added yet another feather to its glorious cap of smart and innovative gadgets. Keeping in line with its expensive products, the router is charged at Rs. 800.

The Mi Wi-Fi Nano is the third iteration of the Xaiomi’s router family; it is the successor of Mi Wi-Fi and Mi Wi-Fi Mini. The compact looking router has a very attractive design and owing to its small size it can be easily used anywhere; it doesn’t occupy too much space. The router features an external PCB antenna that protrudes upwards from both the ends of the device. The antenna can be easily folded in place when the router is not in use. The router supports 300M 802.11 Network.

mi wifi nano office

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One of the major highlights of this amazing device is that unlike the other ordinary routers, it doesn’t need to be attached to the switch board for power. The router is designed in a way that it can draw power from power bank through USB cable. This is a great feature for the working professionals who are constantly on the go and require internet connectivity to carry out their tasks. Users can easily carry the router in their bag or even in their pocket and stay connected 24 x 7. Xiaomi officials suggest that the router can work continuously for more than 30 hours when connected to a 1000 mAH Mi Power Bank.

mi wifi nano power bank

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The company also promises stronger and stable signals in comparison to other mainstream routers. There is a 100% increase in strength of the chipset level signals and has a coverage up to 150m².

mi wifi nano colours

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Another interesting thing about this tiny router is that it comes in an assortment of attractive colours; users have the option to choose from White, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink Colours. So you can now add a dash of colour and funkiness to your space with these colourful routers.