Mi Air Charge By Xiaomi: Now Charge Your Devices Without Stands Or Cables!

Mi Air Charge By Xiaomi: Now Charge Your Devices Without Stands Or Cables!

Mi Air Charge By Xiaomi: Now Charge Your Devices Without Stands Or Cables!

by February 2, 2021

All of us are already familiar with the innovations that Xiaomi is making. The brand has launched its next-gen charging technology dubbed as Mi Air Charge. This advanced technology will give users the support to charge more than one device, simultaneously, without any sort of physical connection. Yes, there will be no charging pad, as well.

A few highlights:

  • Xiaomi’s Air Charge will charge at 5W and up to 5 devices, at once.
  • There are no further details for the official rollout.
  • Users will not need to plug-in any cable or put their gadgets on charging stands.

Xiaomi claims that its indigenous technology will completely revolutionize the charging standards and has enough capabilities to turn your home into a wireless one. We are eager to get more details from the Chinese tech-mogul. Here’s the announcement tweet:

Mi Air Charge: How it works?

Charging each device at 5W, Mi Air Charge will be capable enough to simultaneously deliver power to 5 devices. Now, you would ask, how it’s even possible to charge a gadget without connecting it to a cable or placing it on a stand? We are here to answer. The charger will sport a 5-phase antenna that will work as a detection tool to locate the device. Along with it, the phase control system will be equipped with a total of 144 micro-antennas. These antennas will use beamforming technology to emit millimeter waves.

Moving to the smartphone, Xiaomi states that it will equip the upcoming smartphones with two antenna systems, receiving and beacon. The Beacon antenna will send the device position to the Mi Air Charge whereas the latter will receive the millimeter-wave signals and then change the waves into electrical energy. It will be made possible by the rectifier circuit.

This charging tech will seamlessly charge the devices that are in a range of a couple of meters. The brand also claims that the physical hitches will not hinder true wireless charging, there will be no drop in the efficiency as well. Mi Air Charge is only supported for only the smartphones, yet. However, the brand claims to be working on an indigenous charging mechanism for other devices like smart bands, smartwatches, and other accessories.

Pricing and availability

Xiaomi has not revealed any details about the official rollout of Mi Air Charge. As of now, we can only keep our fingers crossed.