Meet the World’s First $9 Micro ‘Chip’ Computer

by May 12, 2015
Meet the World’s First $9 Micro ‘Chip’ Computer

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There is no doubt that new, smart technology has many backers. Standing testament to this is a new venture on Kickstarter, the global crowd funding platform. This new venture has been initiated by ‘Next Thing,’ which has designed C.H.I.P, a microcomputer that according to the makers is built for work, play, and everything in between! Read on to know more about this credit card sized microcomputer that already has 18,089 people backing it!

use spread sheet with chip

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The saying “big things come in small packets” stands true for C.H.I.P as in spite of being tiny, it has multiple uses. The user can work on LibreOffice and save their spreadsheets, presentations, documents on C.H.I.P’s 4 GB onboard storage. C.H.I.P is completely an open source, which means that all hardware design files schematic, PCB layout and bill of materials are free for download and can be modified to use.

Although it doesn’t come with a screen or keyboard, the user may attach a monitor or keyboard to C.H.I.P. Like the versatile boy he is, C.H.I.P works with any screen, be it small or big, old or new. One may also add a VGA or HDMI adaptor to it for output.

chip attach to screen and keyboard

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One may use the Chromium browser to check their email, or browse the web over Wi-Fi, as little C.H.I.P supports that too. Want to play games? C.H.I.P allows you to do that too over Bluetooth controllers! You can now play those DOS games that you loved as a child thanks to C.H.I.P.

The $9 microcomputer comes with many preinstalled apps tools so that the moment you turn on C.H.I.P, it can start doing things that a computer does. For example, it has Scratch, a language that teaches the user basics of programming using animations, games, and stories.

Chip play music

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Are you a musician? C.H.I.P could be your music buddy too. Simply attach a MIDI keyboard to it and start playing! Or use it as a music player by attaching speakers and listen to your favourite songs at full blast!

C.H.I.P is a powerful machine; the tech specs of C.H.I.P include a 1 GHz Allwinner ‘R8’ A13 processor along with 512 MB of RAM which means that it can run some good software. It comes with a Mali 400 GPU and 4 GB of internal storage. For connectivity, it has a USB port, a Micro-USB port with OTG functionality support, a microphone jack that also acts as a composite video-out, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0.

pocket chip

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Are you thinking about how you will carry C.H.I.P around? Don’t worry as Next Thing has a solution for that too. It has developed PocketC.H.I.P which makes C.H.I.P portable! It equips C.H.I.P with a 4.3” screen and a QWERTY keyboard and a 5-hour battery life. The best part is that this entire apparatus still makes it easy to fit C.H.I.P in your back pocket!

C.H.I.P is an excellent piece of technology that can be used by anyone and everyone. Be it a student or a teacher, an artist or a hacker, everyone can find a use for Mr. C.H.I.P. Looking at all the things that C.H.I.P can do, it is no wonder that it has long back crossed its goal of $50,000 and reached $915,670!