Meet Android M at Google I/O

Meet Android M at Google I/O

Meet Android M at Google I/O

by May 9, 2015
Android M

For all you Google fans out there, here’s some good news. Google bigwigs have announced the schedule for the Google I/O 2015 to be held on the 28th-29th of May, and there are quite a few event descriptions on that schedule that will make you go “whoa!” Know that Android Lollipop version that you’ve been using on your Smartphone? Well, you’ll soon to be able to throw it out as Google M, the next iteration of Android is to be unveiled at the I/O.

Google io 2015

Before it was taken off the official Google I/O 2015 website, the description of Android M stated, “Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces.” There will be a sandbox session titled “Android for Work Update” at 2.30 p.m on the 28th. Las year, the Android L developer [reviews was launched at the Google I/O. It’s surprising to assume that Google will launch the new Google M when the Lollipop version is still operating on only 10% of all Android devices. The question of what Android M will feature is secondary to the question that “what exactly does the ‘M’ stand for?” Will it be “Marshmallow”? Or maybe “Macaroon”? All that and more will be revealed in a few weeks, until then we can only guess what the big ‘M’ stands for…

However, that is not all people; the Google I/O 2015 has other interesting events lined up for the world to see…

Google Voice Access

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Another major event is ‘Voice Access’ which according to its session description as, “In this talk, we introduce Voice Access, a service that gives anyone access to their Android device through voice alone.” The session is popularly called “Your app, now available hands-free”. The new feature promises to be useful for tasks like driving although the availability of a completely new app and access to it through voice would indicate plenty of voice commands. For those who like to ease their multitasking this way, this feature will be a boon.

Another event is related to the Google Cloud Messaging 3.0 which will be an update of Google’s push messaging platform. What new features the already successful platform will incorporate remains to be seen.

What do you do after acquiring a $500 million satellite imaging company? Well, if you’re Google, then you plan to launch 24 image satellites into space in the next couple of years. One of the sessions is titled “The Earth in real time” which as per the description offers “a look under the hood at Skybox to find out what we’re building for your business and get a preview of a new breed of dataset.”

The Google I/O 2015 pledges to be way bigger and better than the previous year’s with many more high profile launches and updates. With a 2.5 hour keynote scheduled, tech lovers will be waiting with bated breath as Sundar Pichai, a senior Vice President at Google, kicks off the I/O.