Mario’s Resume – An exuberant Character in the Gaming World

Mario’s Resume – An exuberant Character in the Gaming World

Mario’s Resume – An exuberant Character in the Gaming World

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Mario1Video Games are meant for all ages, so as to say. And yes, gamers are hooked up in the characters designed and the virtual world seems ever so fascinating. The characters of these games are so meticulously designed and are given an actual life almost. These characters are the hero for someone and at times the inspiration for others. That’s why the creation of these characters has become a challenging job for the companies making video games.

Among all the characters, Mario is a well known character in the gaming world. His father and creator is Shigeru Miyamoto, a Japanese video game designer of Nintendo Company. Serving as a lucky charm of Nintendo, he has introduced over 200 video games.

  • His creation:
    Mario first appeared in the Donkey Kong game, released in 1981. While developing this game, Shigeru Miyamoto wanted to use the characters like Popeye, Bluto, and Olive Oyl but due to his incapability in acquiring license for these characters, he came up with Jumpman, later familiarized as Mario. Earlier, Miyamoto named the character “Mr. Video” but after the settlement between the president of Nintendo, Minoru Arakawa and Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo of America’s warehouse over the issue of rent, it was decided to name it Mario. Initially, the character of Mario was not designed to jump however eventually he not only acquired powers to jump but also to stomp and change his size for defeating the enemies. Further, he gained powers with a plethora of items, like the Super Mushroom and Fire Flower.

Now, over 25 years old Mario has held a number of characters or jobs since his creation as his “go to” character enables him to easily fit with any game design. So, if you are thinking to hire him and have any doubt, just go through his CV given below. It will give you a complete picture about his remarkable accomplishments and astonish you how he successfully and fairly played all distinguished roles.

  • Carpenter (1981-1982): Mario started his career as a carpenter in the Donkey Kong game which was set on a construction site. He was introduced as a Jumpman earlier but later in 1982 renamed Mario. In this game he was involved in saving his girlfriend from a giant Gorilla by using his skills for jumping, climbing and running. This was the only game in which he portrayed as a competitor.
  • Plumber (1983): 1983 was the year when Mario’s younger brother Luigi was introduced and both portrayed the roles of a plumber. On this role, Mario competed against creatures that had been coming from the sewers below New York. During this game Mario had to save Princess Toadstool (later known as Princess Peach) of the Mushroom Kingdom from King Koopa by conquering the eight worlds of the Mushroom Kingdom. Along with his skills for Jumping, climbing and running, his advanced tools like fire flowers and Tanooki and eagerness to discover and innovate made his role more impressive and attractive.
  • Sports Referee (1984-1990): In 1984, Mario appeared as a referee in the NES Tennis game. At this stage, he had become the corporate icon like Ronald McDonald. Wrecking Crew, a vague Mario puzzle was released in 1985 which gave chance to Mario to go back to his usual Donkey Kong roots through crushing every item in each ladders and platforms level. You could also see him on Punch Out, refereeing the matches in 1987. His eagerness to work even in risky situation has shown in each job.
  • Doctor (1990): Apart from above jobs, Mario also worked as a as a medical physician named “Dr. Mario” in 1990. Again in 2001 & 2008, he worked as a doctor.


Other Occupations: The other roles of Mario include archaeologist, president of a profitable toy-making company and typing instructor. His sports characters include golfer in 1991 that tought him the importance of control and attention to detail – others include racecar driver, artifact retrieval, Tennis Pro, Footballer and Baseball Player, Olympian and Tournament Fighter.

Mario Games: The Donkey Kong was the first game that introduced Mario in 1981. The Mario spent another year in its sequel i.e. Donkey Kong Jr. In 1983, the entry of his brother made the game more advanced. After the Mario Bros, Mario worked with the NES Tennis game till 1990. During this period, the Super Mario Bros was also released. It was the first game that uses the recognizable 2D Mario style. It’s sequels called Super Mario Bros 2 also released. From 1989 to 1995, he engaged with Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Land 2 and Super Mario World 2. In 1996, Mario made his 3d appearance in Super Mario 64. Again he went to 2.5D in New Super Mario Bros. After working with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, Mario returned in New Super Mario Bros. 2 in 2012. Among all, he is the most payable characters in Super Mario 3D World.

Television & Film:Other than games, Mario has also gained popularity through the television and films. In 1983, Ruby-Spears Productions produced Saturday Supercade, an animated television series where Mario has appeared in Donkey Kong segments to bring back the Donkey Kong. Mario also starred in the Super Mario Bros-Super Show produced by DiC Entertainment, “Captain” Lou Albano, the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World. Besides this, Mario also appeared in the live-action film Super Mario Bros.

In the early stage, Miyamoto was not supposing Mario to become popular. That’s why he prepared Mario to fit in many different genres and roles. In some games, you will see him as a hero doing adventurous activities and racing and sporting with his brother, Luigi in other games. However eventually, his heroic deeds have made him popular not only in the Mushroom Kingdom where he is referred as a superstar but all around the world. Apart from the original games, television shows, and film, he has also influenced the creation of a line of licensed merchandise which clearly reflects in the creation of Nintendo Comics System series along with the Nintendo Adventure Books.

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