Logitech MX Master Review – The Game Changer Mouse

Logitech MX Master Review – The Game Changer Mouse

Logitech MX Master Review – The Game Changer Mouse

by April 27, 2015
Logitech MX Master Review – The Game Changer Mouse

Quick on the heels of the Logitech MX Performance, the MX Master aims to fill the gaps left by its popular predecessor. Before getting into any further details of this wonder mouse, let us quickly run through the box contents first.

  • Logitech MX Master mouse.

  • Micro USB cable used for charging the mouse.

  • USB receiver.

  • Quick instruction guide.

Now let us take a look into the details of the features:


Right off the bat, this is a pretty good looking mouse and quite frankly it seems as if a sports car designer was involved in its designing. It has a new pattern on the thumb rest which feels pretty good. The thumb rest itself is a little wider this time around and feels very comfortable for people with average sized hands.

logitech mx master thumb rest

Front-Scrolling wheel

The primary scrolling wheel is very similar to the one the MX Performance had with one notable difference. On the MX Master, you have the enhancer scroll that lets you go from the click-mode to the smooth scrolling mode by turning the wheel around really fast while you could do that with just a button click on the MX Performance, which was much easier.

logitech mx master enhancer

Side-scrolling wheel

Speaking of the side-scrolling wheel, its back from the MX revolution two generations ago and it is awesome. You don’t know how useful horizontal scrolling is until you don’t have it anymore. Using it is a pleasure as it allows you to navigate through the page with ease.

logitech mx master side scroll

Connecting options

You can use the tiny Logitech wireless receiver that you are fairly acquainted with, if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth. But the mouse also has built in Bluetooth 4.0 using which it connects within 5 seconds, no problem at all there.


Another step back from the previous release is that the battery is sealed in, an unwelcome change from the performance MX which had a removable battery. As for its life, it seems as though it is going to hold up its claim of several weeks of battery life with normal use. You can plug it into USB to charge it and continue using it.

There is a battery indicator in the front of the thumb rest where it is most likely going to get concealed by your thumb.

Decoding the back of the mouse

The mouse has a memory and can live switch between devices you have paired it with which can be really useful. The three numbers (1, 2 and 3) on the back of the mouse indicate the three devices you have paired it with. You can switch between devices by just pressing the corresponding button for the device. This way you can connect it to your PC, Laptop etc. One mouse for multiple computers!

There is a Dark field sensor on the back of the mouse. This enables the mouse to work even on glossy surfaces like glass. This one is a big plus.

logitech mx master back


It does cost a bomb, currently priced at Rs. 7817 on amazon.in but once you start using this, you’ll never think of going back to those traditional wireless mice. If you don’t have an urgent need for a mouse, check back again in a couple of months, prices may drop.

Logitech software is the first thing you should download when you get this mouse. Most mouse softwares aren’t very good but this one is actually pretty user-friendly. This is where you can configure the horizontal scrolling, thumb rest button et al.

With this, Logitech is probably hoping the MX master becomes the next legendary mouse everyone eventually moves on to. Frankly I am on board and I know loads of other folks who are as well.