Live a healthy and happy life with the help of your smart device

Live a healthy and happy life with the help of your smart device

Live a healthy and happy life with the help of your smart device

by January 7, 2015

In the purview of the growing concerns of mental health suffered by people, it is prudent to address the issue and take steps to understand the problems as well as check the mental health regularly. With the growing use of smart mobile devices and development of new and innovative mobile applications, it is now possible to keep track of your health on your mobile phone. No matter, if you are feeling sad or if you are dealing with depression it is best to address the problem immediately. Some of the best apps for mental health support on Android and iOS are listed below:

Mental Health Support Apps on Android
DepressionCBTDepression CBT Self Help Guide

Stress can be caused by different sources and if it not dealt with, it can lead to depression. If you are having a stressful time at work or due to broken relationship, you can use the Depression CBT self help guide app on your android phone to manage your stress better. This smart app helps you realize the cause of your depression and also suggest handy tips and self help behavior advice to reduce the symptoms and improve your mood.

PositiveThinkingPositive Thinking

When you are feeling low or not in a cheerful mood, watching an inspirational video or reading a simple quote or hopeful message can have a great impact on your mood; it can pep you up and make you feel happy and inspired. So the next time you feel down, just pick your phone and use the Positive Thinking application to read an encouraging message on love or happiness. The application includes a huge collection of inspiration quotes and happy messages that are presented in an appealing manner.

depressionDepression Inventory

Keeping track of the depression symptoms over the weeks can be a tedious task. With Depression Inventory app at your disposal you can manage your symptoms as well as keep your feelings and thoughts organized. The application features simple ratings based questionnaire and all you have to do is rate the symptoms and check if it has improved or worsened as compared to the previous week ratings. This is a simple method to keep a check on the symptoms and show the result to the doctor and tell them how you feel between the appointments.

Mental Health Support Apps on iOS
MoodyMeMoody Me

We all get mood swings; there are several factors that cause mood change. If you have been suffering from the problems of constant mood swings, you can use the Moody Me application on your iOS mobile device and keep track of the things that make your feel sad and happy. The app allows you to log your mood and note the cause of the feeling that you experienced at a certain time. If you tend to get grumpy after taking certain medication, this information can be vital in managing your treatment. If there are things that you see around and it makes you feel happy, you can take a picture of the thing and retrieve it uplift your mood whenever you are feeling low. After you note down you mood logs, you can use the app to get a colourful picture chart of your mood and introspect on how you can change the things.

sleepcycleSleep Cycle

Depression can significantly affect the sleeping pattern/habits. Sometimes, you may find yourself sleeping for long hours or may have trouble staying asleep or you may even find it difficult to fall asleep. This can have great impact on your routine work. This application analyzes the sleeping pattern and helps you wake during the lightest part of your sleep cycle. It has an intelligent alarm clock that detects your body movement while you are asleep and wake you up at the optimal time during the 30 minute duration.

 whatsmym3What’s MyM3?

M3 is basically the mental health score, keeping a track of M3 is as important as checking your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The app contains a series of questions and it gives you your M3 score based on the answers you provide. Though the app doesn’t help in treating your depression, it helps you get a clear picture of how depression is affecting your daily life.

Use any of these applications on your smart mobile device to manage your stress better and live a healthy and happy life.