List of Google Products for Consumers

List of Google Products for Consumers

List of Google Products for Consumers

by September 4, 2017
list of google products for consumers

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Google has radically changed the way we live, behave, and work online. By bringing every piece of information to our finger tips to solving language problems, it has made life much simpler. If you are interested to see which products Google has under its banner, here is a great list of some of its popular products for consumers:

1. Google Translate

Used for language translation

It’s a nifty tool which translates text, speech, and words. Not only this, Google can translate entire websites also. Effectively, Google Translate has broken the language barrier, a major reason why people used to avoid visiting some places which didn’t speak their tongue. Now you can visit from Somalia to Sumatra without the fear of local language blocking your communication – thanks to Google Translate.

Google translate

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2. Chrome Remote Desktop

Used for remote connection and access to computer systems

Chrome Remote Desktop allows users, through chrome browser to remotely access another computer. It’s very easy to set up and mostly enables a stable connection. It’s a boon for small IT support services companies as now they can quickly assist clients that are geographically far away from them. This helps in major logistics savings for them and also keeps their client happy. Compared to other remote desktop tools, it is very stable and has very low down time.

chrome remote desktop

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3. Gmail

Used for sending and receiving e-mails

Anybody who has accessed internet will probably know what Gmail does. The world’s biggest and most popular email service by Google is efficient, useful, and intuitive. It has more than 1 billion active users. 75% of Gmail users use the application on their mobile phones. Amongst its features that ones that stand out are – you can have multiple inboxes; you can undo your sent emails as well as you have the option of smart reply.


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4. Google Maps

Used for street level views of places

The free utility service by Google offers satellite imagery, street maps and 360-degree views of the street. Due to its accuracy, ease, and convenience, it has become quite popular. You just have to input your destination; it will show you the fastest routes and time. So explore the unexplored vistas without any worries about getting lost. You can download the app from the Android play store for your mobile.

google maps

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5. Hangouts

Used for instant messaging

The popular chat application has features such as sending and receiving of text, photos, emojis, video calls, SMS, and VOIP. It’s an effortless and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. Its video calling feature is a great boon to millions of users who can save on humungous telephony charges.


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6. Chrome

Used for internet browsing

The free web browser that is also very fast – this is the maxim of Chrome. Introduced by Google, it’s currently the most popular browser in the world. It has some amazing features which help in saving battery life, browsing time, and data. Also, Chrome allows many third-party extensions on its browser, which extends its functionality further and provides for a beautiful user experience.


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7. Google Docs

Used for creating and editing documents online / on cloud

This simple yet effective application by Google allows you to create, edit and share documents online. Also, you can collaborate with other people in multiple locations on a document. Now you can work real-time on any document with your office colleagues or friends.

google docs

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8. Google Drive

Used for storing and accessing files online / on cloud

Say goodbye to your old and dusty storage cabinets, as Google Drive has arrived on the tarmac. Now safely place all your files and documents on Google Drive and you will be able to access it on any device, anywhere in the world, and at any time of your convenience. It stores the entire user’s data in the cloud and thereby providing convenience for them to access it in a few clicks or taps.

Google Drive

9. Google Search

Used for accessing information

Today the word ‘search’ is synonymous with Google. If you have to search anything, you would likely just say “I am Googling it”. The search engine uses patented algorithm called “PageRank” to furnish results based on search query. More than 64% online users use it for their searches. The sheer number of sites it indexes is mind boggling. Also, it finds the information for you and categorizes into web, news, blogs, maps, videos etc.

Google search

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10. YouTube

Used to view, publish, and share videos online

The biggest video sharing website of the world is another great offering from Google. Now you can upload original content and share with your friends and family around the world. It has a format of channels and subscribers, which allows a person with original content to earn according to the popularity of the video.


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11. Google News

Used to view news across the world

The major destination for real-time and genuine news, Google news has created a vast majority of newspaper readers into online news readers. It selects from thousands of news websites to show results which are the most popular. The site focuses on facts, diverse perspectives and basically provides more control to the user.

Google News

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12. Blogger

Used for blogging

Blogger is the world’s largest blogging site. It is fully free and easy to operate and navigate. Now you can pour your hearts out or just dish out your business success formula. Blogger has millions of pieces of content on hundreds of diverse topics. Also, you can earn money from your blog if it becomes popular among readers. Google AdSense places targeted ads on your blog depending upon the views and topic of the blog.

13. Android

Used as a mobile operating system

Based on the Linux architecture, Android is a mobile operating system mostly for touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. Today it’s the most popular mobile operating system in the world, commanding a market share of nearly 85%.


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In addition to these popular products, the team at Google keeps its R&D on full steam with new areas of development. Two such services that are going to be the next game changer will be:

a) Fiber – To provide end to end solutions regarding high-speed internet and IPTV. It has launched in some cities in the United States and progressing rapidly to cover other cities. Fiber has starting speed of up to 1000 Mbps.

b) Loon –Designed to provide internet services to the remote and rural areas, it combines a large network of balloons traveling on the border line of Space.

The products by Google have mostly proved to be a huge disruptor in the way people lead their lives, by adding many layers of convenience and ease of access. In future, we are sure that Google will continue to bring more such products that will greatly enhance the quality of people’s life.

Know of any other commonly used product that is not on this list? Do write to us and let us know.