Li-Fi – Superfast Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb!!

Li-Fi – Superfast Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb!!

Li-Fi – Superfast Wireless Data From Every Light Bulb!!

by November 30, 2015

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Until now we all believed that light, Cheetah, Concord planes, F1 Cars, Usain Bolt are fast, Alas! They are all overtaken (ok, not light but definitely the other things) by something even faster, it is known as Li-Fi. If you have been reading newspapers or catching up with the news on the internet, I am sure somewhere you must have come across Li-Fi, which has become the talk of the town around the globe in recent times. If you have not bothered reading about it until now, don’t worry, we at CompareRaja bring you complete coverage and help you understand this revolutionary technology. Read on…

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What is Li-Fi?

Wi-Fi – Li-Fi sounds familiar, isn’t it? Yes, just like your good old Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a high speed wireless technology. However, Li-Fi uses VLC or Visible Light Communication to transmit data. So, what makes Li-Fi a big deal? Well, Li-Fi simply transmits data 100 times faster than Wi-Fi (What?? Shocked! Are you?).

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Imagine switching on the bulb in your room, and you realise the bulb is not just a source of light anymore! It has super power that also transmits wireless internet to all your devices including laptop, smartphones and tablets. It sounds insane, but it is (unbelievably) true!!

Kiss good bye to buffering

Researchers who have been working on testing the efficiency of this incredible new technology have successfully tested data transmission at speed of 1GB per second. The researchers also claim that some laboratory test have shown speeds up to 224GB per second. With such insanely high speed it is sure to bring about a revolution in the way we use internet and change the work dynamics forever. So you can kiss goodbye to buffering and page loading problems while watching videos or browsing graphically heavy sites.

Mastermind behind this technology

The term Li-fi was first coined by Harald Hass, a professor at the Edinburgh University. He demonstrated the technology at the TED Conference in 2011. His talk, which has become an internet sensation, has been watched more than 2 million times, in the video he uses LED lamps for video streaming. Professor Hass says, in future billions of light bulbs can be used as wireless hotspots. Here is the video.

How does Li-Fi work?

The Li-Fi technology uses visible light medium between 400 – 800 THz (tetra hertz). It basically works like an advanced Morse code- Just like switching your torch on and off in a certain pattern can relay a secret message, the flicking of LED light at extreme speeds can be utilized to transmit and write things in binary code.

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Is this technology coming any time soon?

Deepak Solanki, the CEO of a Tech Company based in Estonia, where the Li-Fi technology is tested, said that “we are doing a few pilot projects with different industries where we can utilize the VLC technology.’ He further added, “The technology could reach consumers in the next 3-4 years.”

No room for network hackers!

Fast speed internet browsing is not the only advantage of Li-Fi; it is also quite safe and secured. Think about it, it is virtually impossible for the light to pass through the walls. So, you can be sure that your neighbours are not trying to hack into your network and not to mention, there is zero risk of loss or stealing of your confidential data.

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Not to mention, it would be a great boon to use in places where radio signals interference is an issue, like aircrafts. Lastly, the radio waves are in limited supply, whereas, the VLC is 10,000 times larger, which means that it is perpetually available.

Would Li-Fi phase out Wi-fi completely?

Professor Hass says, “All we need is to fit a small microchip to the potential illumination device and it would then combine two functions – wireless data transmission and illumination.”

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He also is of the opinion that while Li-Fi would be used widely in the future, it would still not phase out Wi-fi completely, as a matter of fact he says, both the techniques can be used in combination for fast and safe internet connectivity.

For all the Indian consumers, if the technology pans out to be a success and if it comes to India in the near future, you can be sure that if you have an LED light bulb you can have access to the internet.