LG Strikes Gold – Unveils Its New 23 Karat Gold Watch ‘Urbane Luxe’

LG Strikes Gold – Unveils Its New 23 Karat Gold Watch ‘Urbane Luxe’

LG Strikes Gold – Unveils Its New 23 Karat Gold Watch ‘Urbane Luxe’

by September 2, 2015

lg urbane luxe

Image Source: stiintasitehnica.com

There are watches, and then there are smartwatches…and then there are 23 karat gold smartwatches. With the growing increase in the Smartwatch segment, brands like Apple and LG are coming up with dazzling pieces that are sure to catch the eye of anyone with a penchant for opulence, and of course, deep pockets. The latest entrant to the field of luxury smartwatches is the LG Urbane Luxe, dashing alligator leather strapped smartwatch.

lg urbane gold smartwatch

Image Source: androidpolice.com

All those who like the design must thank the U.S retail jewellery brand Reeds Jewellers which is collaborating with LG to make this limited edition smartwatch which will have only 500 pieces. The design is an extravagant 23 karat gold one, with premium alligator leather strap which comes encased in an equally premium piano-gloss lacquer case. The exclusivity and authenticity of the Luxe will be ensured through the serial number engraved on the watch.

lg urbane gold watch case

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Regarding the availability, LG states that the interested buyers can expect the Urbane Luxe to hit the elite market sometime in late October. The price tag on this beauty you ask? It is a heavy $1200 which in INR is about 80000. If you think that the LG Urbane Luxe is expensive, you need to check out the even more exclusive and magnificent 18 karat rose gold Apple Watch priced at a whopping $10,000 (convert to INR at your own risk!).

lg gold plated smartwatch

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Coming to why the LG Urbane Luxe will be so appealing to the rich, the alligator leather strap of the watch has been methodically handcrafted in fifty steps by thirty leather workers. The 23 karat watch is stronger than the 24 karat one, and heavier than the 18 karat gold used in other smartwatches.

lg urbane luxe colours

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Now that the exclusive design is out of the way, let us get to the specifications. The Urbane Luxe sports the same tech specs as the LG Urbane. It has 1.3”, 320 x 320 circular OLED screen and runs on the latest version of Android. On the processor front, it comes with a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 400 processor, and 512 MB RAM. The storage capacity is a decent 4 GB. It will have a battery life of 2 days with high usage on a full charge. It is Wi- Fi as well as Bluetooth enabled. Some of the functions on the smartwatch can be operated using wrist flicking gestures.

lg gold smartwatch

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Unfortunately for those looking to buy this flamboyant piece, LG plans to launch the Urbane Luxe only in the U.S initially, with plans for other regions not revealed yet. So, if you wish to catch a glimpse of this beauty, be prepared to wait longer!