LG set to Unveil the all New G4 Smartphone on April 28

LG set to Unveil the all New G4 Smartphone on April 28

LG set to Unveil the all New G4 Smartphone on April 28

by April 7, 2015

Not long ago, LG launched its flagship phone, LG G3, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm in the market, it was an instant hit, especially among the ardent LG brand loyalists. The phone although featured cutting-edge hardware specifications it dint not quite create a powerful impact in the market as LG expected it to make. Instead, the tech experts criticized the model for its not so powerful batter life, which left plenty of room for LG to improvise.

With the recent releases of the new iPhone models and the announcement of the new smart devices from Xiomi on its 5th Anniversary Celebrations function, it was only a matter of time when LG came up with the announcement of its new launch. Indeed, LG surely dint disappoint the mobile users and its fans as it recently announced the launch of new phone, LG G4 on April 28. So guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen gear-up to welcome this new flagship phone later this month.

The announcement itself has already created a stir in the tech world as the tech experts and mobile reviewers have already come up with their reviews on what can be expected from this new phone. So here what the tech geeks expect the LG G4 to deliver to be able to stand a chance in the highly competitive market and attract the attention of the mobile users.

A swanky new metal body

Although the predecessor model of LG G4 had a good metallic body it dint have the sheen to attract the attention of the buyers. The body was robust yet it dint have the visual appeal factor and it looked quite cheap. It would be only feasible for the buyers to expect a new, swanky metal body that not is robust but also has a striking appearance that exudes class and elegance. As with the Nexus and iPhones, it would not be wrong to expect LG to come-up with a Unibody design for the G4 model, which doesn’t have a removable back.

Longer Battery life

One thing that most modern day smart phone users who love to multi-task on their phones ask for is a good battery life that would last at least for a full day without any charging. With the competition becoming intense among the premium brands, LG would surely be aware of the threats posed by other brands and we can expect to pack-in a powerful batter under the hood that would keep you going all day long.

A sleek interface

LG would have by now realized the fact that it has to do some work on polishing the interface to make it more sleek and user-friendly. A step in the direction would create a huge impact in the number of sales the phone achieves.

Much improved Camera Quality

The LG G3 had a pretty decent camera, but today, in the intensive market scenario, good is not good enough you only need to feature the best to be able to withstand the competition and stay afloat in the market. Hopefully, LG improves its camera performance under low light circumstances.

Superior Screen with high quality display output

The LG G3 already featured a QHD display but we don’t just want more pixels but a rather better performance in terms of display output like the picture being more vivid and crisp than its predecessor model.

Knowing LG to set new benchmark for itself it would be no surprise if LG brings out the new phone with all these above features and more and stamp its authority as the brand to beat in the smartphone market.