LG X Power 2 or the LG K10 (2017)? Who’s The Boss?

LG X Power 2 or the LG K10 (2017)? Who’s The Boss?

LG X Power 2 or the LG K10 (2017)? Who’s The Boss?

by February 24, 2017

LG K10 Vs LG X Power2

Recently LG has recently unveiled the budget-friendly K series in India, with the LG K10 being the first one to hit stores in the country. Taking things a step ahead, the South Korean tech giant has announced yet another powerful handset – the LG X Power 2 loaded with an impressive 4500mAh battery that claims to offer a video playback of up to 15 hours. However, there is no news yet on when the device is expected to launch in India, but it won’t be wrong to expect it shortly.

While LG has, in the recent past, unveiled several high-end handsets, the new LG X Power 2 is primarily being compared to the LG K10 (2017) in terms of features. So, let’s have a closer look and find out if the comparison is justified.

LG X power2 Vs LG K 10

No doubt, with almost the same hardware and software onboard, the two seem to be going head to head. However, at 5.5-inch, the LG X Power 2 features a slightly larger display than the 5.3 incher found on the K10 (2017). Both are powered by a 1.5 GHz Octa-core processor and come with a 2 GB RAM.

LG X power2 features

One of the major features that set the X Power 2 slightly higher than the K10 (2017) is a powerful 4500mAh battery. According to LG, it supports fast charging, which can charge the battery up to 50% in just an hour. So, if the battery is something you would want to bet your money on, then X Power 2 would turn out to be a good option.

The X Power 2 will be available in Shiny Titan, Shiny Blue, Black Titan and Shiny Gold colour variants, while the K10 (2017) comes in only Black, Titanium and Gold.

LG K 10 features

In terms of camera, the two seem to be going hand in hand with a standard 13MP camera on the rear a 5MP front-facing snapper. Finally, you have 16GB of storage capacity on board, which can be extended up to 2 TB. So, storage definitely won’t be a problem no matter which one you intend to go for.

Talking about the LG X Power 2, the device is expected to first hit the Latin American market followed by Europe, Asia, US and other parts of the world. Like Discussed earlier, nothing is yet known about its launch in India. But, you can surely expect it to be here in the days to come.

Final Verdict

LG X power2

Source: lgnewsroom.com

While LG X Power 2 and the LG K10 (2017), both come packed with almost the same amount of goodness, the former seems to have a slight edge over the latter when it comes to battery and the screen-size. But, that definitely isn’t sufficient enough to push the K10 (2017) on the backseat.