LG AKA Smartphone – For the first time ever, a visually engaging phone from LG

LG AKA Smartphone – For the first time ever, a visually engaging phone from LG

LG AKA Smartphone – For the first time ever, a visually engaging phone from LG

by November 14, 2014

lgaka-GIFLG has recently launched a new Android smartphone called AKA pronounced it as ‘AW-kuh’. Yes, it is an Android phone with a difference i.e. it can be identified with virtual personalities – not just one but four of them.

With a case covering almost three quarters of the phone with the remaining area used for virtual eyes of those characters. Build up an emotional wavelength with your phone buddy as its eyes change and move when you wave your hands over the front facing camera. Mind you, they will change in case of new notifications and even work as your battery indicator.

lg-akaBefore we move to what more you can do with the AKA phone, any one of these AKA characters could be your phone buddy –

Yellow Eggy : The ‘lover boy’ who just keeps falling in and out of love

White Wooky : Though a ‘cutie pie’ he prefers to use slang when he talks

Blue Soul : A thorough music and beer lover who does not go overboard

Red YoYo : The stylish “she” member of the gang who loves fizzy drinks and hamburgers all the way

Build up your emotional connect with them for you can relate to them as per your personality and mood. Engage with these characters by clicking selfies with them or help to save the earth from an alien attack through a back story or you could even opt for couple more cases of the phone and weave in more characters to your phone.

Perfectly designed for the younger generation crowd moving towards the early thirties age group, using an AKA smartphone could not only be engaging but addictive as well.

lgakabackWith its case designed to offer a good grip and with textured black surface and good image quality, this phone is sturdy enough for prolonged use. A little more on its specifications –

  • 5-inch 720p Display
  • Android OS
  • 2GHz quad-core CPU for multi tasking
  • 5GB RAM
  • 8 MP camera with laser focus
  • 2 MP front facing camera for clicking selfies with your buddy or solo images
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 128GB through microSD card
  • 2,610mAh Battery


As you can notice that there is nothing exceptional about the offerings of the phone. It is a simple mid range phone with emphasis on personalization and engaging factor whose its acceptability has yet to be ascertained.

Getting you more hooked on to this phone are its accessories and other colour cases that make you feel you have acquired your own ‘gang of pals’. Moreover, there is an identity chip within the back cover which registers a change in the case colour too. Get rewarded and earn points when you purchase more accessories or cases or even tag other AKA users.

Wish to lay your hands on it? Then luck is surely not on your side as AKA smartphones will be available in South Korea for an estimated price 500,000 Korean won which could be approx $460.

LG has initiated a new trend of offering personality based virtual characters to be synchronized with your mobile phone. Though to a certain extent it is slightly gender specific and could not go well with most female users who have to go ahead with Yo-Yo while the male users can choose from Soul or Eggy or White, the best one which matches their personality.

Will this emotional connect phone buddy concept be blatantly aped by other mobile handset manufacturers too? Still skeptical!