Flip the kart for ‘LENOVO K5 plus’ or Snap a deal for the ‘INFOCUS BINGO 50’!

Flip the kart for ‘LENOVO K5 plus’ or Snap a deal for the ‘INFOCUS BINGO 50’!

Flip the kart for ‘LENOVO K5 plus’ or Snap a deal for the ‘INFOCUS BINGO 50’!

by March 17, 2016

Had I planted a tree every time a new smartphone was launched, then I could’ve singlehandedly got the global warming in control. However, thanks to my laziness we’ll have to suffer a heatstroke soon. Anyway, getting back to the smartphones… We have two new smartphones on the block, craving for attention from budget buyers, who are looking for an all-encompassing Android smartphone but have a budget of below 10k.

Let’s take a look at what these two smartphones, Lenovo K5 Plus and the InFocus Bingo 50 , have to offer us.


k5 plus vs bingo 50 display

The K5 Plus is apparently the successor to Lenovo’s insanely popular A6000 smartphone which sold millions of units in its year of launch. The K5 Plus sports a 5″ full HD display which combines with the TheaterMax technology to give you the jitters when you watch a horror film or keeps you company as your personal entertainment center when you’re waiting for your next appointment to arrive.

The InFocus Bingo 50 too, sports a 5″ HD display, although it does not boast of the same immersive multimedia experience as that of Lenovo.


k5 plus vs bingo 50 camera

On the point of cameras, Lenovo has packed in a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP secondary camera into its new smartphone. The InFocus product sports a better 8MP front camera which will make you say, “Bingo” after every selfie that you take! The Samsung camera module features the back-side illumination which allows better images in low light. The primary shooter is a good enough 8MP too. Not only this, for the avid selfie-taker, Bingo offering a FREE ROCK Selfie Stick worth INR 1,000 to the first 1000 buyers! That’s an added incentive to make a buying decision faster, isn’t it!

k5 plus vs bingo 50


Coming to what makes these smartphones such efficient multitaskers… The Lenovo K5 Plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 616 64-bit octa-core processor and 2GB RAM, while the InFocus Bingo 50 comes with a quad-core MediaTek MT6735 processor, and 3GB RAM. Both these smartphones come with 16GB of internal memory with the K5 Plus offering an additional 128GB expandable memory while the Bingo 50 offers a lesser 64GB.


Keeping with the requirements of the consumer, both the gadgets sport a good battery, with K5 Plus including a 2,750 mAh removable battery, and the Bingo 50 packing in a slightly lesser 2500mAh one.

Operating System

k5 plus vs bingo 50 os

If a metal unibody not quite unlike Apple’s iPhone is K5 Plus’ aesthetic appeal, then the Bingo 50 counters it by incorporating the latest Android iteration, Marshmallow, as its OS. The K5 Plus, on the other hand, runs on the lower Android Lollipop.


An aspect on which these smartphones work equally well is its connectivity feature; both support LTE, dual SIM, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth and both lack NFC.


Lastly, let’s take note of where and for what price can you get your virtual hands on these pieces. Lenovo K5 Plus will be exclusively available on Flipkart from March 23, for a price INR 8, 499. InFocus Bingo 50 can be bought at Snapdeal for a lesser price of INR 7, 499 from March 21. Registration for both the pocket friendly smartphones have already started, so you may want to get those fingers working on the tab, smartphone, laptop, or computer to access these e-commerce giants!

Final Verdict

Although we may not have arrived at a clear cut favourite, it is advisable that you choose between the two based on your needs of a multimedia player, or a better battery or a better designed smartphone.

Whatever the case, Happy Smartphoning!