by December 21, 2015
lenovo k4

The first month of the New Year will see the Chinese tech giant, Lenovo, launch the successor to its massively popular K3 Note. Although Lenovo is not one of the bigger players in the Indian smartphone market, the high sales of the K3 Note brought it into focus this year. Launched in June, the K3 Note has apparently sold more than 1.2 million units in India, according to Lenovo. Riding on the success of the K3 Note , we can expect the upcoming K4 Note to come with such stunning specifications too. Read on to find out what we currently know about the future Smartphone from Lenovo.

Lenovo India’s Twitter account saw some excitement when it posted an image of a Smartphone with the words: “KillerNote, A New Age Dawns”. With retweets on Twitter and comments on Lenovo’s Facebook page indicating the excitement of the people, Lenovo officially confirmed that the “new age” will indeed see the dawn of a new phablet, the K4 Note in January. Some reports suggest that the launch may happen as early as in the first week of the new month.

lenovo k3 note

Source: ndtv.com

Not much is known about the specifications of the K4 Note, although we can safely assume that it will be far more superior to its predecessor, the K3 Note. Some reports suggest that the phablet will come in a brushed metallic frame, adding to its aesthetic appeal. A couple of rumours also suggest a metal or glass back. Unlike the K3 Note, this one will most likely feature fingerprint sensor. The teaser image shows the volume rocker keys, power key, a micro USB slot, and a microphone jack.

lenovo k4 note specs

Image Source: dhgate.com

The K3 Note came with a 5.5” IPS screen with full HD support, so the K4 can be expected to at least match this if not surpass it. The K4 will likely come with 3GB of RAM instead of the 2GB in the K3. If the K4 comes with the same 13MP rear and 5MP front camera, we expect at least the inclusion of an OIS feature. Seeing how a phablet can drain battery power quickly, it will be useful if the K4 comes with a better battery, something like 3400 mAh. We have our hopes pinned on these upgrades in order to persuade the current K3 Note owners, and those looking for a budget phablet to rush to buy the #KillerNote when it launches.

One of the biggest selling points for the K4 Note, the reason the K3 Note gained such popularity, is the competitive price tag that the phablet will come with. The K3 was launched at a price of Rs.9, 999 which at that time was the best price anyone looking for a phablet carrying a reputed brand name and great specs would get. Keeping up with the Lenovo trend, the K4 will most likely be priced at around Rs.10, 999.

lenovo k4 note price

Source: letstalkpayments.com

The Lenovo K4 Note will likely be launched exclusively on Flipkart like the K3 Note. Until its launch, regale in the Christmas joy, and wish for a new Smartphone… perhaps Santa will get you a late Christmas present in the form of the K4 Note!