Leica Q2 With A 47MP Full-Frame Sensor To Launch In India In Mid-April

Leica Q2 With A 47MP Full-Frame Sensor To Launch In India In Mid-April

Leica Q2 With A 47MP Full-Frame Sensor To Launch In India In Mid-April

by March 10, 2019

Leica Camera has introduced its latest Leica Q2 camera. Following the success of Leica Q, Leica Q2 will offer photographers unprecedented creative freedom, superb imaging quality, added weather protection, an upgraded viewfinder, an extremely precise autofocus and much more. The Leica Q2 is the apt device for light photography and can work very well in conditions such as rain or extreme sunshine. It is expected to be a significant improvement over Leica Q.

Superior Imaging Quality

Leica cameras are known for exceptional clarity and quality of images and the Leica Q2 is no different. The camera allows photographers to consistently capture breath-taking visuals. The new Leica Q2’s full frame sensor is the highest resolution sensor in its class. The sensor is a mind-blowing 47.3 megapixels which is much more than the Leica Q. The camera can seamlessly capture immaculate details of still pictures as well as 4K video. When accompanied by the Leica Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH. lens, the Q2 ensures all-around exceptional imaging performance. In addition to great picture quality, the camera also offers exquisite bokeh characteristics in even the most difficult of light conditions.

The Leica Q2 is much more than just a high-resolution sensor. It has built-in crop functions for equivalent focal lengths of 35 mm, 50 mm, and the newly available 75 mm. It is thus a great aid for professionals in the field of portraiture and close-up work. While shooting the cropped DNG files, the full sensor image is still recorded enabling photographers to restore or change the crop when they desire. The Leica Q2 also adds 4K UHD and Cine4K video recording to its features. It comes with myriad frame rate options across 4K and 1080p, which enables users to record impressive videos on the go. What’s more, the camera can come in handy when users plan to create documentaries or short films.

Exceptional Quality and User Handling

The design of the camera is hard and sturdy. The German make is a validation of the fact that only the best materials have been used to build the camera. In order to ensure optimum grip while the users is at work with the camera, the device is equipped with a distinctive thumb rest. The sophisticated diamond pattern of its leather trim further enhances the grip for the users.

The camera’s unique handling concept and its awesome design are noteworthy. Elements of the design are taken from the Leica M10 and Leica CL families. These include the single-stage On/Off switch, simplified three-button interface on the rear of the camera and programmable button within the thumb wheel dial. The Leica Q2 also comes with a push-button diopter compensation dial on the back of the camera. This feature enables users to lock and prevent accidental changes to their desired setting.

The users of the camera will also have access to the Leica FOTOS App, the camera’s integrated Wi-Fi module that enables users to seamlessly share pictures and videos on social media. The Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) enables users to establish a permanent connection between the camera and their smartphones. The users can thus use his smartphone to remotely wake the camera and connect any time when in range.

The Ensemble with Accessories

A comprehensive and stylish range of optional accessories is also available for the Leica Q2. The matching camera protector cases that are available along with Leica Q2 as well as the carrying straps in premium-quality classic black and brown leather are great accessories to keep the camera safe. The straps come in colour variants such as red and pink.

The elegant new ‘Ettas’ line of soft, coated canvas pouches for various Leica camera models will also be launched alongside the Leica Q2. These pouches will be available in colour options such as midnight blue, stone gray and red colorways, and many more.

The accessories portfolio also includes the technical equipment for the Leica Q2. These include the Leica SF 40, SF 60 flash units, the SF C1 remote flash control unit and an additional add-on thumb rest and handgrip. The accessories enable ease of handling the camera and aptly match the quality and design of the camera.

An exhibition of Leica Q2 photography can be seen by the photographers and enthusiasts at the Elga Wimmer Gallery in New York City. It was available on display for a limited time of 24-hours on March 7th featuring the works of Hiram Garcia, President of Production of Seven Bucks Productions and film/television producer. The series, titled ‘Behind the Seen’, comprises a diverse set of images that accentuate the beauty and intrigue of movies and is also the debut of Garcia as far as photographic gallery exhibitions are concerned. Garcia’s ‘Behind the Seen’ is the first and only exhibition worldwide that has been shot exclusively on the new Leica Q2 camera.

“‘Behind the Seen’ is a diverse collection of images that showcase a slice of my production life through a short period of time. I curated imagery from the work on-set of my current project as well as included glimpses into the other aspects of where my career spills over. Whether it be promotional stunts for projects currently in theaters or something as simple as rehearsing for upcoming scenes, I wanted to showcase the beauty and intrigue I see within the industry I work in. This is a brief snapshot of what I SEE on a daily basis,” said Garcia.

The Leica Q2 will be available on sale at Leica Stores, Boutiques and Dealers. The camera will be sold in black paint finish at a price tag of $4,995.