Leaked!!! The Specs of Latest Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Are Out

Leaked!!! The Specs of Latest Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Are Out

Leaked!!! The Specs of Latest Tizen Smartphone from Samsung Are Out

by May 8, 2015
Samsung Tizen Phone

image source – engadget

On the heels of the Tizen Z1, the first Tizen phone from Samsung, which caused much furore in India and Bangladesh, it looks like a successor may be in the works. There have been quite a few rumours over the last few weeks that Samsung may be working on a new Tizen powered phone, which may hit more markets than its predecessor. We got our hands on leaked images of a purported Samsung Tizen Z2 and it looks it has undergone a design makeover that is bound to give you Galaxy S3 nostalgia.

Samzung Tizen Z2

The device as it seems has three sensors upfront, possibly light, gesture and proximity sensors along with a front facing camera. The Android-centric home button is back and we are glad to see Samsung going for a less boxy look than the Z1 with the corners having a large radius. Volume buttons on the left are much like the earlier model. The leaked images give a glimpse of the Korean Tizen store with some of the apps currently available for the Samsun Z1. It is widely believed that the Z2 has a 32 bit quad-core processor with a 1GB RAM, 540X960 TFT-LCD display, Tizen 3.0 UI and a 2000mAH battery. According to earlier reports Samsung was expected to launch this handset in the first half of 2015 therefore we might be just a few weeks away from it release.

The leaked images have more or less coincided with a price cut on the Z1 in Indian markets. Samsung seems to have not given up on its Tizen wing and seems keen to reduce its dependency on Android in the long term with these leaks.

Samsung Tizen OS

What is Tizen?

Tizen is a Linux-based open-source operating system much like Android. It has existed since 2012, but it is only starting to show up on actual gadgets you can buy.

The first Tizen product to be launched was the Samsung NX300M camera, back in October 2013. Since then, the company has used the operating system on its Gear smartwatches, and will soon launch Tizen-based televisions. The company had first unveiled a Tizen-based smartphone in June last year, the Samsung Z, but never actually released it saying that the launch was indefinitely postponed.

Samsung Tizen Z1

The Samsung Z1 was released in January this year as an entry-level handset that the company meant to target as a budget entertainment device for the Indian market. The smartphone with its simple interface was said to be ideal for first-time smartphone users. Featuring a 4” WVGA screen with 480×800 pixels resolution, the phone also boats of packing in a powerful 1.2GHz dual core processor, 4GB internal storage capacity and a modest 1 GB RAM. The phone runs on Tizen 2.3 OS and also features a 3.1 MP rear camera along with 0.3 MP VGA front camera. That is not all, the 1500 mAh delivers 8 hours of talk time.

With Microsoft and Blackberry failing to attract popular app developers to make apps for them, Samsung faces an uphill task in getting its Tizen wing moving. How much ground can they gain with the new Z2? Only time will tell.