Latest Facebook Announcements Prove Why It’s Everyone’s Favourite

Latest Facebook Announcements Prove Why It’s Everyone’s Favourite

Latest Facebook Announcements Prove Why It’s Everyone’s Favourite

by April 29, 2017
Latest Facebook Announcements Prove Why Its Everyones Favourite

Facebook has grown tremendously since it was conceived as a college networking portal in 2004. The site became so popular that it went public in 2007 and has gained more than 1.3 billion users till now. How was it that the site kept up with the competition and managed to stay people’s favorite for 10 years and more? The reason for its sustained success is simple – It kept changing and adapting to the latest technologies and has always been relevant and meaningful to the users. It always features “the latest” in social media, so people see no reason to switch sides to another social networking platform. 2017 was no different from the innovation standpoint. Here are some of the announcements made at Facebook’s latest annual developer conference held in San Jose on the 18th and 19th of April:

  1. Virtual Reality: Facebook used this technology to come up with a new line of products called Facebook Space, which will let you talk to your friends, be with them, play with them or do activities with them as if they were sitting right in front of you. It has launched in the form of Oculus Rift, which means that anyone with a Rift and a Touch can connect with their friends through VR. The Rift allows you to watch an animation of the person you want to talk to, control the backgrounds you see them, and in the meantime, you can scroll through your Facebook feed in a 360-degree view through the headset.

  2. Building 8: A very ambitious project, Building 8 will help convert thoughts into words and understand and hear through the skin with the help of its sensors. This project will help people with speech and communication disorders. Among the other interesting research projects, it is also working on a brain-computer interface to allow people to type words with thoughts – a ‘brain mouse’ for Augmented Reality.

  3. Developer Circles: Developer Circles will be a platform for developers to collaborate, share and discuss ideas and technologies in a more convenient way.

  4. Workplace: Workplace is a Facebook’s app for businesses for easy file sharing and also supports Workplace Live. This comes with additional security features. Facebook is now inviting developers to build bots to interact with services and tools within the app.

  5. M, The Virtual Assistant: Facebook is now planning to take M, Messenger’s virtual assistant, to a whole new level. They wish M to be more active and let people do more with messenger than they could ever do. With more relevant ideas and activity suggestions, Facebook wants M to help its users significantly.

  6. Messenger Features – Facebook messenger seeks to be more ingrained into peoples’ lives with options like bill pay, following famous personalities, or booking tickets online. The messenger is fast going the path of china’s own success story in messenger apps – WeChat.

It is clear that through multiple initiatives and advancement in technologies, Facebook has managed to become and remain as the most popular social networking site in the world. And it would continue to be at the top if it continues with its these innovations and initiatives.