Know the ins and outs of Google-Twitter Partnership

Know the ins and outs of Google-Twitter Partnership

Know the ins and outs of Google-Twitter Partnership

by August 24, 2015
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When the two tech Giants come together to form a partnership, you can be sure there is something big coming out of it. Yes, we are referring to the recently formed nexus between the mammoth search engine, Google and the goliath social media platform, Twitter. The two US based tech conglomerates have combined forces and agreed on a deal that will allow Google to display tweets in the desktop search results as well. Let us take a closer look at what this partnership means for Google, Twitter, how this partnership will exactly work and what should the general internet users know about it.

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History of Google-Twitter Partnership

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of the new partnership, let’s delve in to the past of these two leading Global tech players. The partnership between Google and Twitter dates way to back to 2009. In those days, Twitter still a fledgling was yet to become popular as it is today. It was just about 3 years old and it was comprehensively eclipsed by the more popular and mature counterpart, Google.

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As soon as the partnership was formed, Google introduced a new search feature, known as the ‘Real Time Search’. The real time search became the next big thing as it revolutionized the search queries by including instant information along with the current tweets relating to the query. The first bout of partnership didn’t last for long. The failed partnership can be attributed mainly towards the growing popularity of Twitter, and the then COO of Twitter, Ali Rowghani, in 2011 was keen to keep the proprietary of Twitter’ content limited only to the users.

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Since 2011, both the companies have grown and become wiser and in February, 2015 a news broke out that Google and Twitter had formed a partnership yet again that will provide Google full access to Twitter’s stream on mobile search results. The news is finally confirmed and has extended further to include tweets in desktop search results as well. Experts have made a few assumptions on what the agreement would mean for the users in the online world.

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Google will get full access to Firehose

The agreement gives Google full access to the Tweets stream, which is known as Firehose. The Firehose, sprays 9000 Tweets every second either on the ether or the internet. Prior to the agreement, Google crawlers had to crawl Twitter to pull out the relevant tweets as per the search query to display the search results but that didn’t work very well.

Nowadays, internet users are not satisfied with the search information that is even a few hours old, they prefer and demand fresh news in real time and this is exactly what Twitter has mastered. So in a nutshell, Google – Twitter nexus is going to boost Google information credibility, it is going get fast and accurate.

Increased visibility for Twitter

The agreement with Google is all set to give Twitter a massive exposure on the Global scale. As they say number don’t lie, here is the research statistics: In 2013 about 46% Twitter users visited the site everyday but that number dropped to 36% in 2014, which also pushed Twitter to bottom place among the top 5 popular social media site, in terms of market share. To boost this percentage this partnership is expected to create a win-win situation for both the companies.

But, what does it hold for the general internet users and the businesses.

Real time marketing is the future

Twitter quintessentially provides news feed in real time. The content is user-generated, incessant, conversational, full of hashtags and it is global. With the new partnership, the tweets will not appear on the search results of the biggest search and the most popular search engine. So marketers, have to be on their toes to take the benefit of real-time marketing.

Where do the tweets appear?

If you have been eagerly looking for your tweet to be pulled out by Google on its search result page, don’t bother waiting, as your tweet will not be appearing anytime soon, at least not until a few months. Google is still figuring out a way to feature the tweets in the search results. According to Bloomberg, the Tweet will start to appear on the Google’s search results page as soon as they are posted.

So if you are searching for any information that has real time implication like an on-going war or a soccer match or a foreign ambassadors meeting, you will get to see real time tweets in the search column. It is most likely that Google will feature the Tweet results in the SERP.

Google+ takes the hit

The Google – Twitter partnership is seen as a step that would mark the collapse of Google+. Since the time Google Authorship was pulled out from the search results, Google’s already tottering social media platform had nothing else left that would propel its growth and popularity. The new partnership has only added to its woes further. By adding a new social media stream above their own social media platform, Google is driving the Google+ users further away. TechCrunch reported that the prospect of Real Time Twitter is a clear sign of spelling dooms day for Google+