Is it time to upgrade your Kindle Voyage to Kindle Oasis?

Is it time to upgrade your Kindle Voyage to Kindle Oasis?

Is it time to upgrade your Kindle Voyage to Kindle Oasis?

by April 15, 2016

kindle oasis vs kindle voyage

The Amazon kindle changed every reader’s life in ways that cannot be explained. Every reader’s dream comes true, obviously, there are a few who would prefer reading from a book made from paper, but even they can’t deny all the benefits of this amazing device. Being able to carry multiple books and yet travel light is something that will always lure a reader into this device.

While it is possible to read on tablets and other devices, readers seem to be loyal to the Amazon kindle. Due to the overwhelming response from its loyal customers, Amazon has launched new Kindle Oasis with enhanced features.

So, should you upgrade your Kindle? To answer this, it is always better to compare. Let’s compare Amazon kindle Oasis and Voyage, so you can pick what you like better!

Kindle oasis vs voyage dimensions

Both these feature a 6-inch glare-free touch screen display. The Amazon kindle Voyage has a light sensor that can adjust the brightness depending on the lighting conditions. The Oasis, on the other hand, has 10 LEDs, while the Voyage has 6, providing enhanced page consistency on the device.

To turn the page or close the book will never be a dilemma. The Amazon Oasis offers page turn buttons while the Voyage has Page-Press Functionality. Oasis ergonomic design is sure to win your heart! It has a comfortable handgrip on the back like the spine of the book so that you can hold it in one hand. You can turn pages by either touching the display or hitting the buttons available on the handgrip.

kindle oasis vs voyage specs

Both the Oasis and Voyage come with a 4GB internal storage capacity and free cloud storage. You can hoard all your favourite books and more without having to worry about cupboard space. It’ll all still occupy a little less space than an average book! And if you plan to go on a reading spree, the Oasis has a battery life that could last you one full month, while the Voyage could deliver for a few weeks.

For all those people who are conscious about weight, the Oasis weighs around 133 grams while the Voyage is slightly heavier at 188 grams. The Oasis also measures 8.5 mm in thickness while the Voyage is a little lesser at 7.6mm.

Kindle Oasis

Both these options also have their 3G and wireless variants so you can pick one depending on your needs and what suits you best. The Amazon Kindle Oasis comes with a leather charging cover and is available at a price of 23,999 INR only while the Voyage is priced at 16,999 INR only. If you wish to get any one of these homes you could just order them from Amazon, however, you might have to wait to get the Amazon Kindle Oasis home as it will not be shipped until the 27th of this month!

Kindle Voyage

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The Amazon Kindle comes with a pixel density of 300 PPI, both the Amazon Kindle Oasis and Voyage have premium E Ink Carta technology making sure you have the best reading experience ever. Have nights filled with endless reading and sleepy mornings! You might just reach a point where turning pages come as easily as breathing, and as involuntarily as sneezing! Go, get one for yourself and teleport to the amazing world of fantasies and fiction!