‘Keep it Cool’ This Summer with Air Conditioners Under 40K

‘Keep it Cool’ This Summer with Air Conditioners Under 40K

‘Keep it Cool’ This Summer with Air Conditioners Under 40K

by March 17, 2015

With summer around the corner, the sweat on everyone’s face is very much visible. Thankfully, air conditioners are easily available and that too at a price that doesn’t make you sweat! With more and more companies making a foray into this segment, the pricing has become quite competitive, making it profitable for the user. Read on to find out how you can cool yourself this summer with these ACs for under 40K

  • Voltas 185

This split AC is a 1.5 ton sweat-buster that comes equipped with a blue hydrophilic aluminum fin and an inner grooved copper tube that helps in protecting it from getting corroded, thus improving its efficiency and reducing its maintenance costs. It features a cross vent air flow which leads to uniform cooling across the whole room. It also has an anti- dust filter, clearing the air of impurities. The AC’s 5 Star energy rating also ensures that your electricity bill doesn’t add to your summer worries. It has a very convenient ‘auto diagnose’ feature which helps in keeping the AC in working condition all the time. This AC is available for an approximate    Rs.38, 000/-

  • Daikin FTC50PRV16

For about Rs.35, 000/-, this 1.5 ton A.C could just be your ideal solution to beat the heat. Its wide angled slats ensure a good air flow and the power air flow flap helps in controlling the air ventilation. This Daikin product is en energy efficient one with a 3 Star rating. It emits a low 35 decibel noise while in use, making sure it lets you enjoy yours sound sleep at night during summers. It features technology that removes the humidity in the air, all the while maintaining a good, uniform air flow across the room. This model encompasses a power chill mode that leads to more cooling in less time. The smell proof operation ensures that the A.C does not create a problem for your nose sensors by removing the unwanted odors.


This 1.5 ton, 3 Star rated A.C is priced at Rs.30, 000/-, for your health, this A.C comes with an anti- bacterial filter and dust- filter. This split A.C needs to be mounted on a wall for use. It uses a rotary compressor and has features like auto-restart, auto cleaner. It has an e-saver mode, chaos mode, sweet dreams mode, and an auto operation mode for customizability.

  • Blue Star 5HW18SA1

This Rs.35, 000/- 1.5 ton split A.C has an energy efficient rating of 5 Star. This A.C features the unique ‘I Feel’ technology that automatically helps keep the indoor and outdoor temperature even. It has a Turbo mode that cools the room quickly. Its many filters like the anti-dust, active carbon filter, vitamin-C, and anti-acarien helps keep the toxins in the air to a bare minimum.

  • Whirlpool 1.2T 3DCool Platinum

From Whirlpool comes the 1.2 Ton, 5 Star energy efficient A.C, priced at around Rs.32, 000/-. Its 6th Sense PowerSaving technology ensures optimal cooling and that too at reduced power consumption. Its design ensures that it works efficiently even in temperatures of about 54 degree Celsius.

Now that you have thanked the inventor of the air conditioner and know that the appliance can be yours in less than 40K, go ahead and buy one right away to breeze through the summer. Moreover CompareRaja allows you to compare and buy ACs that fits your budget.

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