Kangaroo – World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

Kangaroo – World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

Kangaroo – World’s Smallest Windows 10 PC

by October 29, 2015
kangaroo pocket pc

There was a time when the personal computer was the shining star of the tech world. However, it got superseded by the laptop, tablet, and even the smartphone which allowed the user to carry out most of the functions with the added utility of portability…but one company took this reduced respect for the humble PC to heart and has now come up with a magnificently “small” way to restore PC’s honour: Kangaroo. No, this animal won’t kick laptop or tablet users into using a desktop computer; the Kangaroo is the smallest portable personal computer in the world which can fit right into your palm!

mobile desktop in pocket

Designed by InFocus, the Kangaroo packs the Windows 10 Home Edition OS into a small frame measuring 24mm in height, 80.5mm in width, and 12.9mm in length and weighing a light 200gms. These dimensions make it almost the same size as some of the phablets in the market! The modular device rests on a base unit that is removable and incorporates an HDMI port, a DC power port and two USB ports to the main device.

kangaroo mini pc features

So what specs power the Kangaroo to hop around? As of now, InFocus offers single version of this mini PC which comes with the Intel Cherrytrail processor (Atom Z8500) that clocks a speed of 2.24GHz. Since the processor doesn’t require a fan, the device was designed to be as compact as possible. The Kangaroo sports 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM along with 32GB of eMMC storage, which can be expanded by up to 128GB using microSDXC support. The device contains a fingerprint scanner for security to prevent any misuse.

kangaroo mini pc

On the connectivity front, the Kangaroo enables a fast Wi-Fi connection thanks to its Dual-band wireless AC. Cutting back on the need for USB ports is the device’s Bluetooth 4.0 support which allows the user to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard. The design of the Kangaroo is such that it requires only two cables: one to connect the HDMI port to the monitor/display, and another is the power cord. Apart from the power cord, the Kangaroo does come with an inbuilt battery that will last for about 4 hours called as “casual use”.

kangaroo pc

The Kangaroo is a versatile device with the ability to plug-in to any TV or monitor along with connectivity to the iPad thanks to InFocus’ free OS Link software…and according to InFocus, this is just the beginning. The company has plans to design higher end models as well as additional feature- rich base units which can be docked to the main Kangaroo for additional functions.

kangaroo portable pc specs

If you thought that this Kangaroo would be an expensive device to “pet”, you couldn’t be more wrong; the device can be purchased from newegg.com or Microsoft’s online stores for just $99! The brick-and-mortar retail stores of Microsoft will see the Kangaroo ready to be tested from mid- November. Until then, let’s just see how high this Kangaroo can jump and elate people!

Image Source: kangaroo.cc