Journey of the laptop – Need based Portable Machines to Sleek and Chic Laptop Convertibles of Today

Journey of the laptop – Need based Portable Machines to Sleek and Chic Laptop Convertibles of Today

Journey of the laptop – Need based Portable Machines to Sleek and Chic Laptop Convertibles of Today

by January 8, 2015

The journey of laptops has been quite interesting ….right from the need of designing a portable computers way back in 1970s to the sleek laptops which are available today. Consider this evolution as a chain of innovative design concepts with improvements all the way.

The Beginning – Osborne 1, IBM 5100 and Dulmont Magnum






IBM 5100


Dulmont Magnum

Though there are couple of firsts in the range of portable computers, most consider the Osborne 1 as first portable laptop to be produced on a large scale. Quite similar to the look and feel as that of a type writer but definitely on the heavily side, the Osborne 1 came with a 5 inch CRT monitor and a CP/M operating system. The other two computers which fit the bill included IBM 5100 though not very similar to the modern looking laptop while the Dulmont Magnum was designed in the flip flop design which is so very much in use today. Around that time, Epson HX 20 was yet another model to be released that came with a 4 line LCD display and a built in printer while it ran on a battery power. These laptops gave leeway to the modern looking laptops of today.

Laptops get LCD Screens




Radio Shack TRS-80 Model 100 

The use of LCD screen as laptop screens was first thought about by none other than Bill Gates and Kazuhiko Nishi who then passed on the concept to Radio Shack. The TRS-80 Model 100 of Radio Shack was a sleeker than the earlier laptops and came with a 4 pound battery. Post the mid 1980s saw a rapid succession improving laptop models in the offering such as IBM 5155, TRS Model 200 by Radio Shack, Compaq SLT/286 (weight 14 lbs.) with VGA graphics for the first time ever.

1989 – The Lightest Notebook


In fact, the lightest ever notebook computer then launched was the NEC UltraLite in the year 1989 weighing just 2 kg. It came with a 2MB RAM drive instead of a hard disk or a floppy drive. Though clamshell laptops existed during those years, the NEC UltraLite was pretty slim and small in size enabling people to actually carry it like a notebook.

Power Book Launched in 1989


Not lagging behind was the Macintosh Portable launched by Apple which gave way to the Power Book in the year 1989. Though, it did not create many ripples in the market mainly because of its weight at 17 lbs the only good thing about it was 10 hour lead acid battery. In the same year, Zenith launched the 6 lbs Zenith MinisPort while Compaq launched its Compaq LTE. While continuing with these series, 1991 witnessed the arrival of the Microsoft BallPoint Mouse to operate the laptops using both the mouse and the track ball.

The next decade witnessed laptops with various permutations and combinations such as larger screens, Blu-ray drives, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatibility and more. Also, you could come across purpose oriented laptops viz. gaming laptops, lighter laptops for those on the move or even laptops fitted with enhanced features making them apt for music, graphic design and so on.

Also, in the offing were small sized laptops were popularly referred to as netbooks (weight less than 4 lbs). At one stage could overtake the regular sized laptops but then they are not quite preferred by the users, maybe because of their small sized screens.

Eee PC got it Right


However, it was Eee PC from Asus which clicked off quite well as it was equipped with a 7 inches screen and Linux. But with the onset of the Ultrabooks, the craze for the netbooks slowly faded away. Though slightly larger in size and heavier, these Ultrabooks offered better functionality while came with better battery power, making them quite preferred.

The Modern Ultrabooks


Progressing from ultrabooks, users can now shop for convertibles which are extremely portable and equipped with a high degree of user interface. The reasons begin flexibility in the screen interface and can be converted into a tablet with mere swipe of the finger.

These features enables the users to not only perform work related tasks but also use it with ease for their entertainment purpose too – be it gaming, watching movies, or even simply reading books or plain browsing.

With many series on the offer across top brands such as Dell, HP, Asus, Toshiba and others it is time, you explore these available options in laptops and get going with not only the sleekest and most suitable for your requirement. With the best deals on laptops available online, it makes sense to check them out online before you actually proceed to buy one.