Join CompareRaja’s GOSF Pre-party & win gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000

Join CompareRaja’s GOSF Pre-party & win gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000

Join CompareRaja’s GOSF Pre-party & win gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000

by December 5, 2014

contest-detailsIt’s just round the corner!! The Great Online Shopping Festival 2014 and guess you must be itching to hit on the ‘BUY’ tab of most of your favourite things, ( they could already be in your wish cart!!) before they simply vanish. Yo!! We wish to watch you all piled up with loaded shopping … absolutely packed with goodies and more goodies.

But wait, CompareRaja is inviting you to attend its pre-GOSF party hosted specially for ardent online shoppers such as you for two whole days. Wondering what’s in it for you? Gift vouchers worth Rs. 10,000, they will be distributed by Compare Raja during the party. All perked up for more details about GOSF pre party hosted by Compare Raja?

Here’s the invite – Friday 5th December 2014 to Tuesday 9th December 2014 on Twitter

What more, we have hidden 5 shopping bags all across the site which you have to locate all along the contest. Of course, we will be with you on Twitter dropping hints on where the bags could be!!

Relax, just come all by yourself and

  1. Simply follow us on Twitter @compareraja to get the hints every hour
  2. Crack the hints and find the 5 hidden Shopping Bags on the site
  3. Fill up the below fields along with the URL where you found the bag




  1. Tweet @compareraja #myGOSFwishlist < name the products you wish to buy this GOSF>
  2. e.g. @compareraja #myGOSFwishlist iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus

All geared up for a virtual shopping trip all across CompareRaja? This definitely sounds exciting!! Oh Yes, while locating the shopping bags, you can even check out the best shopping deals on your most wanted things …smart phone, a chic jacket or a pair of latest sports shoes or ….This sure is going to be fun. J

Keep your fingers crossed… Do your best to locate as many shopping bags as possible. The more bags you find, your chances of winning the shopping vouchers multiply……in all there are shopping vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 to be won!! If you’re lucky enough to win a voucher or two, your shopping experience at the GOSF 2014 is simply going to be fantabulious!!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. To enter the contest, you must tweet the wishlist of your choice
  2. Our admin team will reach you if all your tweets contain the Hashtag to ensure if they meet the general guidelines
  3. Participants with valid Indian citizenship are eligible for this contest.
  4. CompareRaja’s decision about prize and the winners would be final.
  5. CompareRaja holds the right to change the rules and policies pertaining to contest any time.
  6. Logicserve Digital employees are not eligible to participate.