JioFi will Satisfy all your Internet Craving

JioFi will Satisfy all your Internet Craving

JioFi will Satisfy all your Internet Craving

by November 21, 2017

In line with the disruptive Jio mobile services, the Reliance group has launched the 2nd generation Jio Wi-Fi devices termed as JioFi. In a nation where internet penetration is low, and bandwidth speeds are not up to the mark, Jio plans to eliminate these issues and make every Indian come online.

What is Jio Fi?
Today having a portable Wi-Fi device is a tough issue. Also if you are using a 2G or 3G phone, it is not possible to easily switch over to a 4G VoLTE network. For this, you will have to invest significantly in buying a compatible mobile device that supports 4G VoLTE. Looking at this challenge, Reliance has come up with JioFi, a portable Wi-Fi router that helps you get online and more importantly helps more than one device get online simultaneously.

Connecting on the Internet through JioFi requires three key things
1 – Jio Device – Helps in making and managing the Internet connection
2 – Jio SIM card – Helps to establish the connection
3 – Jio recharge plan – Helps to start using the internet connection


1 – Device price

While a device-only plan is available at Rs. 999, a more interesting offer is on getting the above 3 things together for Rs. 1,999. This way you need not do a separate purchase of a SIM card and get a recharge.

2 – Plans

Along with activating the device, you also need to select one of the four plans as shown below :

i. Unlimited voice calls, daily 2GB data and 300 SMS
Validity – 12 recharge cycles
ii. Unlimited voice calls, daily 1GB data and 100 SMS
Validity – 6 recharge cycles
iii. Unlimited voice calls, daily 2GB data and 100 SMS
Validity – 4 recharge cycles
iv. Unlimited voice calls, 60GB data and daily 100 SMS
Validity – 2 recharge cycles

Highlights of Jio Fi2 3

1. The device offers an upload speed of upto 50Mbps and 3x download speed of upto 150Mbps
2. The device has a 2600 mAh in-built battery that increases its portability value
3. It can connect upto 32 devices and upto 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices (laptops, mobiles, and Smart TVs)
4. Even if you have 2G or #g smartphones, you can use the device to enjoy 4G features

Where to get the JioFi from?

Online – You can buy from the Jio Online Store
Offline – You can visit the nearest Jio Store

How to Set up Jio Wifi 25

  • As soon as you get your Jio wifi 2, make sure you activate your sim.
  • Behind the back cover will be slots to insert SIM, expandable memory card, and battery
  • Before putting the battery, check the SSID and the password. It will be required afterwards to connect the JioFi with external Wi-Fi enabled devices.
  • Now, press the ‘power button’ located under Jio logo, for a few seconds. There will be three indicators on the Jiofi 2 router which show.
    • 1. the signal strength,
    • 2. the LTE data connectivity
    • 3. availability of WiFi hotspot.
  • When all the three lights, except the power button, turn off, then you can connect your router to your PC or smart device.
  • The external box shipped with the device will contain the pre-configured hotspot ID and password. Using these details, you can connect to the WiFi network.

Activating voice and data service in Jio 4G SIM4

For 4G data activation:

  • You need to make a call to the toll-free number given 1800-890-1977 from your registered mobile number.
  • Then select your appropriate language.
  • Enter your Jio number.
  • For verification enter your last four digits of your aadhar card.
  • That’s it! Your data is successfully activated.

For Voice service activation:

  • You have to connect JioJoin app to Jiofi2.
  • Then make a call to 1977.
  • You will be asked for your language selection as per your requirement.
  • Enter your Jio number.
  • Same as above, they will verify with your last four digits of your given ID proof.
  • You will be activated successfully with your voice service.

Using JioFi how you can make HD voice/video calls

JioJoin app users are also benefitted to make HD voice and video calls over WiFi by just following few steps given below.

  • Connect your Android mobile to WiFi network created by JioFi
  • Download and install JioJoin app from Google store
  • Now open the JioJoin application and allow access to details JioJoin asks for.
  • On the opening of the welcome screen, select the option saying: ‘Configure JioJoin app using Jio SIM number in the Jiofi.’
  • After that wait for few seconds- your application will automatically connect to its network and SIM. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number, which you have to send if JioJoin asks for it.
    You can start making calls and sending text messages after the self-configuration is done by the app.

Settings to increase JioFi WiFi Range

The range will be low as a default setting. To increase WiFi range, you can modify the default setting which is completely safe to use. You can follow below steps to change few settings and increase the range.

  • Select settings > go to WiFi menu > change the ‘mode 802.11’ to ‘2.4Ghz (N)’
  • Then change ‘Tx power’ to ‘High’ > change ‘channel mode’ to ‘Manual’ > ‘channel selection’ must set to ‘11’
  • Now press ‘Update’ and ‘Apply’ > And Reboot JioFi > save changes.

All above methods are software based. If you want extension up to 3 to 4 rooms, then you can buy this WiFi Range Extender, and you can combine it with JioFi. This extender will fix JioFi range for long distance.

How to activate Power Saving mode in JioFi

Power saving mode in JioFi2 helps to save battery. Whenever the device is not in use- it saves the power and cools it.

This setting given below can be done anytime as per your need.
Settings > ‘Advanced’ from menu > Select time slot in option ‘Power save’ > Click ‘Apply’ > save changes.
After this, the device will go to sleep mode saving the backup.

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