It’s Modular, It’s Smart, It’s A Case…Its Moscase!

It’s Modular, It’s Smart, It’s A Case…Its Moscase!

It’s Modular, It’s Smart, It’s A Case…Its Moscase!

by April 22, 2015
moscase modular iphone case

Today, owning a Smartphone is not enough. With times getting smarter, the accessories need to get smarter too…and that is precisely what MSC Accessories Corp. realized and came up with the idea of a modular case that not only provides added protection to your iPhone but also gives you further functionalities to make your case, a Moscase.

Like any other great innovation, this one too requires financial backing. The makers of the Moscase are thus seeking support on Kickstarter, a global crowd funding initiative where project backers get rewards in return for their pledges.

Exclusively for the iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus, the Moscase has been carefully designed so as to not ruin the looks of your Smartphone. The company has designed 5 active back plates that serve their own unique function. Each Moscase comes with a free passive back plate which is an optional add-on that functions as a panel protector and look enhancer.

The following are the 5 brilliantly designed Moscase back plates:-

  • The Breathalyzer

Want to know how much alcohol you’ve had? Simply whip out your Moscase Breathalyzer back plate and let the special detection sensor incorporated within the back plate analyze your breath to determine just how much alcohol you have in your system. Furthermore, the Moscase app even informs you about the alcohol limit that is allowed in your region.

Moscase the breathalyzer
  • The Rocker

Rock your world with the best sound with the Rocker Moscase. What the back plate does is enhance your iPhone’s stock speakers to function like an advanced full range music system. This is a must have for all the music lovers out there who swear by their daily dose of good music.

moscase the rocker
  • The Collector

This one is for all the environment friendly people out there. The Moscase is equipped with solar cell that extends your phone’s battery life by harnessing the light. With such an awesome feature, this Moscase is bound to be popular.

moscase the collector
  • The Booster

With the Booster comes extra storage space for your pictures, videos, documents and other data. It also brings with it some extra battery so that you are not left hanging without power.

moscase the booster
  • The Reader

Another great innovation, the Reader is pleasing to the eye and also helps save power. One may read their notifications, view pictures, read eBooks or articles on the back plate.

moscase the reader

This is not all. The Moscase incorporates an optical sensor for heart rate and oxygen saturation, and a heat sensor for gauging temperature. Other sensors gauge the stress levels, body- fat percentage, and bio-resonance by directing electromagnetic currents throughout the user’s body. A special Moscase app gathers all this data from the sensors and shows the health statistics based on the data collected.

Expected to start shipping in October provided it gets its funding, this Smartcase can be a revolution of sorts that promises to bring additional functionality to your Smartphone.