Is LG Going To Make The Next-Gen Nexus?

Is LG Going To Make The Next-Gen Nexus?

Is LG Going To Make The Next-Gen Nexus?

by March 26, 2015

With Google establishing itself as a leader in the market of Smartphones, more and more manufacturers want to associate their name with this billion dollar company. The Google Nexus range of mobile phones has been a rage ever since the first Nexus was launched way back in 2010. With brands like HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG having been associated with Nexus, it is no surprise that the company looks to unite with only the best in the business to manufacture its products.

If the Chinese website eToday is to be believed, then you soon will be holding another LG produced Nexus. According to the website, representatives from Google were seen in the Korean company’s Seoul HQ where the primary R&D is undertaken. The online world is rife with rumors that these reps were there for a new Nexus project tentatively titled “N000”; perhaps the company is looking to restart the whole numbering system with this new codename as Nexus 7 is already linked to the two Google tablets.

LG is an obvious choice for the latest phone with Nexus and LG having had had a good partnership in the past with the latter producing the hot selling Nexus 4 and 5. Not only this, they both have worked together on a Google Play tablet and three Android Wear watches in the recent past. After the lukewarm response that the Motorola Nexus 6 received on its launch, it is not surprising that Google would want to change vendors for a more profitable venture. To help them in this endeavour of theirs, LG is a good choice as LG is a brand name to reckon with by itself for it has produced some of the best mobile phones in terms of features, interface, durability, specs, pricing etc.


The rumor mill had previously hinted at the Chinese brand Huawei being the new Nexus collaborator. Nexus has been trying, for quite some time, to appeal to the Asian markets and partnering with Huawei can be seen as a way to do it. Adding to the veracity of the rumor is the fact that Huawei is the third largest Smartphone vendor in the world. However, it remains to be seen if LG or Huawei wins the prize that is “Google Nexus 7”.

The coming few months will show whether the magic duo, Google and LG, continue their winning streak or come clattering down. Whatever the case may be, it is bound to be a tough fight for the new Nexus with more and more Smartphones coming in.