Is it high time to find a backup option for Whatsapp?

Is it high time to find a backup option for Whatsapp?

Is it high time to find a backup option for Whatsapp?

by April 12, 2016
Whatsapp ban

Are you lately seeing Whatsapp notifying you with this – “Message you send to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption…” Is that the reason why Whatsapp is being banned? Heartbreakingly, YES! Our dear Whatsapp is at risk!

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This popular (addictive, to be precise!) messaging app, has entered into troubled waters by enabling end-to-end encryption in India. By enabling this service, Whatsapp has opened the Pandora’s Box which has got everyone bickering about whether the messenger has really breached any rules or not. If this continues, Whatsapp will soon have to bid goodbye.

The real cause of the ban

Enabling the end-to-end encryption is the main cause of this storm. This would mean that third parties cannot get a sneak peek into our private chats. Well, Whatsapp is not wrong if it wants to give privacy to its users, and we are more than happy about it. However, this fact was not welcomed by the CBI and country’s law upholders as they would no longer get access to calls and chats.


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When things get worse

Do you remember the whole Apple-FBI case? There too, the entire issue revolved around the encryption. Apple is at a li’l safer side, for it could at least gain access to the chats or messages by unlocking it. However, in case of WhatsApp, even Jan Koum and his employees would fail to access the chats as they themselves would not have encryption keys! Now, this is a grave concern for the government who constantly needs data from the leading service providers. With more than 50% world’s population using this service, things would get even worse for the government security authorities. India has more than 70 million Whatsapp users! (And that’s huge!) Major threat comes when terrorist groups hunt for such end-to-end encryption messenger apps to communicate and carry out terrorist operations without surveillance.

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Will authorities regulate OTTs?

According to telecom rule, maximum cap for bit encryption is 40 for service providers such as Airtel, Vodafone India, Reliance, etc. On the other hand, Whatsapp offers 256 bit encryption!

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Right now, Over The Top services (OTT) such as WhatsApp, Viber or Skype are unregulated for encryption. However, it is said that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption issue might introduce rules for regulations for OTT service providers as well.

Are you breaking the law?

Yes. You are, if you are using Whatsapp! Rub off effect or any other effect you may like to say, the reports say that if you are using this service, you are breaking the law! (Yes. You read it right…). As of now, the government has not decided what action to take, but soon it will. So, are you still using Whatsapp? (Umm…time to give a second thought on your app!)

Though this encryption is blessing for the privacy seekers, it can pose serious threat when it comes to security. Will Whatsapp continue to engage us or bid us goodbye? I don’t know! Fingers crossed! Till the time, keep your backup option ready!