iPhone photography tips and tricks

iPhone photography tips and tricks

iPhone photography tips and tricks

by June 29, 2017
iPhone photography tips and tricks

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You own an iPhone. You are an avid nature lover. You love to capture moments and freeze them in time. Well, an i-phone camera can take care of your penchant for great memories. Whether it is a trip to the woods or mountains, or a wedding of a near one, an i-phone camera does come in handy.

Let’s talk about an outdoor trip and how an i-phone could be a great companion during the journey. A few tips, listed below, could go a long way in helping you to create a lifetime of memories.

  1. Clear and simple photos should be your motto:

The images that communicate the best are the ones that are clear and not cluttered with too many objects. When you click a picture, be sure of the essence you want to capture and focus on one object. This focus often creates a great picture.

  1. Keep the i-phone camera ready and use camera shortcut:

A picture opportunity does not give prior notice. Hence, it is advisable to keep the i-phone camera ready all the time. When you are outdoor, the lens is exposed to dust, light etc. It would be great if you carry a small cloth (like one you carry to clean spectacles) and keep cleaning the lens once in two hours. Also, if your phone is locked, you may lose a precious few seconds (that’s very much the difference between a great photograph and a mediocre one). With the i-phone however, you just need to double tap the home button. A camera icon will appear on the slider. Just swipe the camera icon and get clicking or shooting.

  1. Focus on the object, adjust brightness, use grid and click the magic picture:

Have you applied the “rule of thirds”? This simple thumb rule means that you can divide the image into a matrix of three rows and three columns of equal dimension. Once you do so, the object of interest should be placed on the line. By doing this, the attention of the viewer is drawn towards the object and hence enhances the optic appeal of the photograph.

When you find that fantastic visual for you to click, you would not have the time to adjust its brightness. It is advisable that you activate auto-brightness feature. After that, all you need to do is focus on the object and then slide finger up/ down to increase/decrease brightness.

Also, do ensure that you tap the screen after focusing on the object and hold it to ensure a clear and detailed image.

  1. Get as close to the object as possible: When you use the i-phone’s digital zoom, it creates a lower resolution version of the image. It is advisable that you get as close to the object as possible to capture a clear high-resolution image.

  1. Shoot from a different angle and create images with depth: In marketing and advertising, impact is made by images that have depth. The same is true when you capture your favourite images. How about changing the angle as against clicking pics from the neck level or the chest level? It gives a different perspective which makes the image more attractive. It also enables that the sky acts as a clear canvas or background so the intended objects are clearly visible against such a background. It is also important that you capture the frame in such a manner that the image is balanced. Do ensure that all objects of importance are not on either the right side or the left side of the image.

  1. Create shadow effect by shooting when the sun is low: During sunrise or sunset, the shadow effect on the images create serious interest in the image. Do try and adjust the brightness of the image to ensure the prominence of the shadow effect.

  1. Take a silhouette photo, use a panorama feature: Shoot towards the light source, tap to set focus and swipe to adjust the brightness and click the perfect silhouette. During an outdoor trip, there are times when you would want to capture a panoramic view. The iPhone enables users to create awesome panoramas by using the “Pano mode” and using the onscreen arrow to set the focus and capture the view.

  1. Use the time lapse feature: The panoramic view is great. It can be even better with you being a part of the view. The i-phone time lapse feature would enable you to do so. It is recommended that you use a tripod stand to ensure that the phone remains sturdy and captures a great shot.

  1. Use features such as “Auto HDR” and burst mode: HDR (High Density Range) is a feature that takes a set of photos at different light settings to create single photo that captures the best of the dark as well as the bright portions of the photo. When there is contrasting light, this feature is immensely helpful to capture the best from the frame. To use the HDR mode, all you need to do is to turn the HRD Auto mode on.

Do also use the burst feature of the iPhone. All you ned to do is hold the click button long enough for you to capture a set of photos that will catch the entire action. This could be images that accentuate motion such as that of you jumping and dancing in front of a waterfall.

  1. Enhance images with VSCO filters:

Did you always love an image with sepia tone? Images look better if you apply nice shades, tones and effects. You can use the preset filters in the VSCO app to enhance the appeal of your photographs. The free VSCO app enables editing of your images, applying effects to it and helps to share photos. The VSCO photo editor has a wide panorama of filters and adjustment tools to give your image the tones, shades, richness and the perfect look that you so dearly desire.

To use it, all you need to do is open the VSCO app, check for the “+” icon on the top left of the screen and tap it to pull the photo in from your phone. Then, tap the edit icon at the bottom and select a filter from the available options. Tap the filter name and drag the slider to the left or right till you are satisfied with the intensity of the image. Once done, check the “three-dot” menu on the bottom right of the next screen, select “save to camera roll” and then select “Actual size”. And what you get is “picture perfect”.

Using these tips and tricks could help you make the best use of your iPhone and elegantly capture the beauty and essence of some of the best moments of your life.