iPhone’s Hidden Features – Revealed

iPhone’s Hidden Features – Revealed

iPhone’s Hidden Features – Revealed

by October 8, 2014

Being one of the smartest phones to enter the market, your iPhone is filled with many advanced features. People sometimes use an iPhone for years without utilizing half of its features. While you might have discovered some features along the way there are some secret treasures you might not know about.

Switch Control


One of the most interesting features of an iPhone is the Switch Control that allows you to control certain functions by simply tilting your head in different directions. This feature was created especially for people with certain disabilities but you can also use it when you got your hands dirty and don’t want to mess up your phone. To enable the app simply go to your Settings, Accessibility menu and select the Switch Control option. Then you can tilt your head in different directions to test out this fun feature.

Shake and Correct


Typing on small screens of a smartphone can cause a lot of spelling errors. You won’t have to backspace every word on an iPhone, as simply shaking your phone makes options pop up on your screen prompting you to undo, cancel or continue typing. In case you undo certain text but later decide you want it back, simply shake your phone again and select redo to get the text back. While all smartphones have reminders, your iPhone has an edge above the rest as it can give you location specific reminders. If you need to remember to pick something up from the grocery shop you can have your iPhone remind you the minute you enter the store. To activate location based reminders you need to select the location features on your phone.

Click Pictures Efficiently


There is nothing worse than a blurry photo, to prevent it your iPhone has a burst photo feature. You are sure to capture the perfect shot by simply holding down the picture button on your iPhone which will give you a burst of photos. If you want to take a good selfie your iPhone also enables you to take photos with the volume button. The volume button on your headphones can also be used for the same purpose. Another feature on your iPhone that helps you take a great picture is the lock focus and exposure feature. Gently press the screen till you see a yellow square blinking twice. You will see an icon pop up saying “AE/AF lock” which basically means you have locked your exposure and focus. The lock remains active till you take the picture.

Block Unwanted Calls


You can say goodbye to those pesky phone calls from service providers trying to sell you endless services by adding them to your blocked list. This is a useful feature in your settings which is enabled by simply adding the number you want to block in the menu. Besides blocking unwanted calls your iPhone also ensures you get important messages and emails by allowing you to set different vibrations for different contacts in your iPhone. This will help you distinguish important work messages or emails from the ordinary even when your phone is in your pocket.

Siri has More to Offer


Everyone who has an iPhone definitely knows Siri but did you know she can read your emails and text message aloud so you don’t have to strain your eyes peering into the small screen of your iPhone. Siri also has another exciting feature of letting you know which planes are flying overhead. Simply ask her “What flights are above me?” or say “Planes overhead” and she will show you a chart that features all the flight numbers along with their altitude and their angle. While this may not be particularly useful, it’s a lot of fun. Want to feel smarter than Siri. If she mispronounces a word you can tell her “That’s not how you pronounce (the word)”. She will give you options and you can select the best one for her.

Double the Speed of Charging


Need your iPhone fueled up quickly. You can double the speed of charging your iPhone by putting your phone on airplane mode. Switching to this mode prevents your phone from using up battery for Wi-Fi and other features. If you are one of those who love to fall asleep to the sound of music, the timer option on your iPhone can be set to automatically turn the music off and ensure you won’t have to wake up to a fully drained battery. Go to your timer app and select “When Timer Ends” then scroll down and select “Stop Playing” option. What are you waiting for? Go explore these useful features on your iPhone!

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