iPhone X vs. iPhone8 vs. Samsung s8 vs. Samsung Note 8

iPhone X vs. iPhone8 vs. Samsung s8 vs. Samsung Note 8

iPhone X vs. iPhone8 vs. Samsung s8 vs. Samsung Note 8

by September 15, 2017


The mobile world is dominated by two major players the iPhone and Samsung. Until recently Samsung was thumping its chest with its latest version the Galaxy Note 8. However, iPhone gate crashed its party with not one but three phones iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X.

The iPhone X is a radical shift from the factor Apple’s fans have been accustomed to for so many years. With an infinity display and super Retina display, it is touted as the best iPhone to be launched. But with Samsung getting a head start with its early release of Samsung Galaxy S8, things are evenly poised in India for both the mobile behemoths.

With this post, we will try to check out the two iPhone models and how it fares against the Samsung flagship Note 8 and Galaxy S8

1 – Display

If you go purely by size, Samsung is the clear winner here. It’s 6.3 inch Note 8 and 5.8 inch Galaxy S8 tower above the 4.7 inch iPhone 8 and 5.8 inch iPhone X. Samsung’s curved edges too look interesting to hold and use.

In terms of resolution, Apple gets a slight edge with its Retina HD. However, it lags behind in pixel resolution at 458 ppi. Samsung scores way above at 570 ppi with the Note 8.

2 – Performance and OS

Apple’s six core A11 bionic processor claims to be 30% faster than its predecessor. Samsung sports the octa core 1.6 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. While iPhone x runs on iOS 11, the Galaxy S8 runs on stock Android N with Touchwiz.

3 – Camera and battery

The 12MP rear and 8MP front camera of S8 matches iPhone X’s 12MP rear and 7MP front camera. While MP-wise it looks similar, Apple’s iPhone X has a slight upper hand with nifty features like TrueDepth on the front camera.

While Samsung S8 has 3000 mAh battery, the Note has 3300 MaH battery. Apple hasn’t announced the battery specs, but the A11 processor is expected to enable a longer battery life.

4 – Price

One of the best things to work out in Samsung’s favor in India is the fact that Apple has to import all of its new phones. This adds the customs duty component to the overall price of the Apple device. This drives up its prices significantly higher than Samsung devices. A 256 GB variant of iPhone X will retail for nearly Rs. 1 lakh, making it one of the most expensive iPhones to ever launched in India.

5 – Miscellaneous features

Samsung scores heavily in terms of additional features like presence of a stylus, removable storage and even a headphone jack which is surprisingly missing on the flagship iPhone.

To summarize

  1. Apple wins over Samsung in these departments
  2. Display sharpness
  3. New GPU core
  4. Better single thread performance
  5. Camera features
  6. Samsung wins over Apple in these factors
  7. Price
  8. Newer form factor design
  9. Memory expansion and headphone jack
  10. Dual camera
  11. Both brands perform well on these factors
  12. Screen size
  13. RAM and processor performance Side by side spec comparison
iPhone X vs. iPhone8 vs. Samsung s8 vs. Samsung Note 8

iPhone X vs. iPhone8 vs. Samsung s8 vs. Samsung Note 8