Apple adds another noteworthy feature to Siri

Apple adds another noteworthy feature to Siri

Apple adds another noteworthy feature to Siri

by April 29, 2017

WhatsApp update for iPhones

For years, iPhone users have gloated about having their own quirky assistant, albeit bossy at times. Well, there is something more to brag about now. WhatsApp has had its latest upgrade for iOS and Apple iPhone users now have an advantage of checking their WhatApp text messages without reading it themselves!

Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, is almost always in news because of her quirk and wit. With users putting up screenshots of their conversations with Siri, those without iPhone’s too have managed to witness a few entertaining moments nonetheless. This latest upgrade of being able to read all unread WhatsApp messages is definitely one of the best features of the luxury phone. And with the feature of replying to your texts by voice, you will surely have a lot of time on your hands now that you wouldn’t be spending a considerable amount of your time reading and replying to all the messages.

To activate the feature, all one need do is go to their WhatsApp setting and change the settings and have ‘Hey Siri’ enabled. So, when you are driving and need you messages checked, the ‘Hey Siri’ command will have Siri read all your unread messages. So, if there have been times when you were driving and had to stop the car in order to check your messages, just to find a silly forwarded message, you can now save your time and keep you calm at the same time. Considering the increase in the number of text driving accidents, this feature is sure to save a lot of lives.

The ones to benefit most from this feature, though, are the visually impaired who can now have someone read them their messages. This feature has definitely improved the prospect of an easier life for many. While the upgrade is available on iOS 10.3 versions, it is yet to see if it will become available on other iOS versions too.

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