iPhone 8 Leaked Information

iPhone 8 Leaked Information

iPhone 8 Leaked Information

by August 24, 2017

The months leading to the mega launch of a brand new iPhone model are not just packed with tension but bristling and brimming with speculations about the features and specs that Apple is gearing to load it with. No wonder then that the excitement and anticipation for iPhone 8 have reached their peak following major leaks about the smartphone’s design and specifications. If we are to believe the rumors, Apple is going to unveil the attractive flagship in the middle of September and launch it in the very next month after that. However iPhone 8 price for all storage options is already revealed in a report published by Valuewalk.com. Since a number of beans seem to have been spilled, let’s have a look at the leaked specs and design details of the iPhone 8 mobile.

Fresh In Terms Of Design


According to the leaked news, iPhone 8 is going to have a black display assembly with no white version of it available. The leaked images show some flex cables, giving rise to conjectures that this time around Apple has placed the connectors at the bottom of the smartphone instead of the top, taking a new designing approach. An x-ray image of the rumored structure of iPhone 8 shows a giant L shaped battery in the middle and a stacked logic board at the upper right corner. Stacking the logic board is Apple’s usual designing technique for conserving space. The x-ray of the iPhone internals also brings to notice the presence of a wireless charging pad. In iPhone 8 the patent Apple home button will be absent. However, there will be a central protrusion on the upper edge of this smartphone, which will house its camera sensors and front facing speaker. Apple is placing the power button at the right hand side edge. Glass back and metal edges are the other two predicted design specifics of iPhone of the upcoming season.

Innovative in Terms of Display


Though the leaks confirm iPhone 8 to be of the same size as the iPhone 7, its gigantic edge to edge screen will offer an enhanced screen to phone ratio. Despite the top indention for featuring sensors, the rounded edges keep the iPhone 8 looking charming and alluring enough with a classic appeal. The display will be 5.7 inch in diagonal length but on a smaller body, giving it a different look than its predecessors.

Creative in Terms of Technology


Leaks claim that the screen embedded fingerprint scanner has been cancelled by Apple for the iPhone 8 due to technical hassles and lack of time to refine the technology without compromising hardware functionality. Instead, their newest flagship is going to have a quick Face ID system which will in all probabilities be connected with Apple’s wallet offering better privacy and more security. But there is apprehension regarding the elaborate face scanning every time for making any payments. The mock-up of iPhone 8 posted by Forbes indicates that Apple might keep the power button a little bigger in size to house the Touch ID sensor. Conjectures about the placement of software are also running wild. Since the L-shaped battery is placed in the middle, Apple might place software on the top corner and notifications in the middle. Exciting, enhanced interface can make or break the reputation of iPhone 8. It is also worth waiting to find out what the iOS 11 is going to offer in terms of modernization and improvisation. Whispers are also doing the rounds about 4K, 60 frames per second video capturing ability of the iPhone 8.

Spectacular in Terms of Camera

The leaked information reveals that iPhone 8 will be endowed with rear facing dual lens camera arranged vertically. Though the mega-pixel information of these cameras is yet to get publicized, we can guess that it will be sufficient and in line with the camera quality that every Apple fan revers so much.

Picturesque in Terms of Colours

iPhone 7 is available in a bevy of colours but the new iPhone 8 will be marketed in a mirror like shiny finish, with three available colour choices, silver, gold and black.


Hold Your Breath a Little Longer

It seems that a new feature or specification of the iPhone 8 is coming to the fore with every day dawning upon us. Though different sources are confirming each other’s information, we cannot still be sure about the minutiae of these leaked details. However, the leaks cannot be waved aside as baseless either. We can only hope that the unmasking of the iPhone 8 happens soon and all our jittery guesstimates are paid off with features better than our imagination.